Mutant X

Season 1 Episode 18

Ex Marks the Spot

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Jesse and Brennan rescue Zack Lockhart, a thief and New Mutant, when things go bad when he meets with Artie Hall, a Genomex agent who wants to employ him to steal a Faberge Egg. Zack is connected with Shalomar's past: the two had a rocky relationship that she holds against him. The Faberge Egg holds a microchip with the "genetic code to manipulating free will", and Eckhart will purchase it at auction unless the team can steal the Egg first. Brennan and Emma thwart Artie Hall's attempt to steal the egg for Genomex. Then, with Zack's aid they break into the vault and steal the chip. Zack takes a stab at stealing the chip for himself, but Shalomar spots him and takes the chip, declaring herself rid of him for good.
Copyright 2002 Steve Crow
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