Mutant X

Season 2 Episode 17

Final Judgment

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 2003 on
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Final Judgment
Adam is put on trail by a mysterious Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

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  • We knew it would been time to do a clip-episodes so i was expecting this type of episode to come.

    Well if anyone still watching season 2 i'm guessing it will be hardcore fans because the season has changed direction a bit from Season 1. now i'm guessing you are asking yourself why i'm discussing this, well to understand this episode we really need to compare season 1 to season 2. Most of event shown in Adam trial were from season 2 but few from season 1. This is important because event of season 2 caused this trial such going on forign soil to rescue the soilders and protection that Adam arranged to covert organsation caused most of situation arising here to bring Adam to trial. when i read that trial i was wondering how they were going to do it since public don't know.

    it's always nice to see a clip show because it summarise everything you seen upto the current episodes, some of them were good to re-live and some weren't, a few were actually surprises because i was wondering how patient zero was destroyed it bother me but this episode reminds us what Adam did.

    The most shocking part of this episode is that Masion eckete is back but we don't know how and where he has been which makes it rather annoying to guess. i hope we will see him before season 2 has finished.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Haven't they resolved this whole "Adam has his own agenda and goes off on his own thing" earlier? Like in "Within These Walls? Even last year, in "Presumed Guilty" Adam went out on his own - it seems a little late for Shalimar to be worrying about this kind of thing now.

    • Adam has "neural reconstruction" of events he was not present at, and often "reconstructs" images with himself in them (rather then from his own point-of-view). None of this makes a great deal of sense if the machine is taking images from Adam's own memory. He also has images of things nobody in Mutant X knew about.

    • Warren refers to events as "last year" or "this year" - he seems to refer to the TV season rather than an actual year but is never specific. For instance, he says "No Man Left Behind" occurred in July 12 "this year." This episode originally aired in April 2003. But Warren's comment suggests this episode took place in "show time" sometime after July 2003 - 3+ months after the episode aired in real time. It's also stated "Blood Ties" occurred "September 17" (no year specified) even though it occurred midway through Season 1. Actually, Warren's comments don't make much sense no matter what year(s) you place them in.

    • How does Eckhart know so much about the activities of Mutant X in the second season, after he was locked up in a pod at the end of season 1? As head of the GSA it makes sense he'd have precise dates and times for the stuff in the first season episodes, but how would he know this for the second season Mutant X "missions"? (We later find out he was in his tube for six months, but how he knows so much from being in suspended animation for six months still isn't explained.)

    • Brennan electrifying the liquid-filled tubes hooked up to Adam doesn't seem like a good idea.

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    • Eckhart appears briefly on-screen at the end.

    • In common TV parlance, a "clip show" - uses minimal sets and a lot of flashbacks using existing clips to save money. However, given the presence of relatively expensive actors such as Bennett and Mancuso, and the fact clip shows usually are aired at the end of the season (when the money has run out) this seems unlikely.

    • Features clips from (in order): "Lit Fuse", "Whose Woods These Are", "Deadly Desire", "Time Squared", "The Future Revealed", "The Shock of the New", "Power Play", "No Man Left Behind", "Blood Ties", and (again) "Shock of the New".

    • We see Jesse partially control the density of his body - a talent first established in "Hard Time."