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Mutant X

Season 1 Episode 15

Lazarus Syndrome

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2002 on
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Episode Summary

Lazarus Syndrome
Emma falls prey to a modern-day vampire who must feed on the life force of New Mutants in order to survive.

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    Larissa Laskin

    Larissa Laskin

    Pamela Fries

    Guest Star

    Raven Dauda

    Raven Dauda


    Guest Star

    Andrew Kenneth Martin

    Andrew Kenneth Martin

    Caleb Mathias

    Guest Star

    Andrew Gillies

    Andrew Gillies

    Dr. Kenneth Harrison

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    • TRIVIA (7)

      • When Shalimar is laying Emma's body on the bench in the club, you can clearly see Lauren Lee Smith open her eyes, lift her head up and place her hand on Victoria Pratt's back to help out.

      • For a group that's committed to not killing its opponents (something John Shea notes in his interview with SciFi Channel: "You notice in the violence that we do, it's a very stylized kind of violence in that nobody dies."), Brennan seems particularly ruthless in electrocuting Caleb. Again, why couldn't they knock him unconscious and imprison him? (also see above) And if you are going to kill people that go around murdering New Mutants, why not start with Eckhart? Killing Caleb in this episode seems like a very big mischaracterization of the team for the sake of a convenient ending.

      • Mutant X seems to hang out in a lot of nightclubs, apparently all in the same city. And the GSA has encountered them at several. Is it really a good idea for them all to get together at a nightclub like at the end of this episode? They are an underground group, after all.

      • If Caleb has enough remaining life force from both Emma and Pamela that they both "revive" to full health when he was permanently killled, then how was he permanently killed in the first place? Earlier the story establishes that he uses up others' life force to resurrect, and the relationship appears to be one-to-one (one victim = one resurrection). At best, if he was "double-charged" you'd think he'd have resurrected a second time. Alternately, if he died and used up one of his two "charges", why was there enough energy to resurrect both women? Did he have more energy stored up from previous victims that he hadn't used?

      • It seems kind of dumb on Adam's part to not check the files of deceased mutants in the database to find Caleb's file. Haven't any New Mutants ever faked their deaths before? Not to mention that sometimes Eckhart kills his New Mutant agents that fail him and sometimes he doesn't. Why not take the couple of extra seconds of processing time and check against all the files, not just those of New Mutants still believed to be alive?

      • Mutant X seems oddly unable to deal with Caleb, citing his inability to be killed. He doesn't display any unusual healing abilities other than coming back from death. Knock him over the head or wrap him up in a net, haul him back to Sanctuary, and put him in a cell that Emma doesn't know the combination to, and that's that.

      • Mutant X's astonishment at a supposedly unique mutant who can regenerate himself seems unwarranted: Marlowe from "Meaning of Death" had essentially the same powers, except his worked faster and didn't (apparently) require that he feed on other mutants' life forces. His power just worked better because it didn't let him get to the point where he was killed in the first place.

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    • NOTES (2)

      • Injoke: "Pamela Fries" (pronounced "freeze") combines the names of the two main villains from the movie Batman and Robin: Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) and Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze).

      • Caleb is presumably a Molecular New Mutant, although his psychic link ability suggests he may have some Psionic gene manipulation as well.

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