Mutant X

Season 2 Episode 16

Once Around

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 2003 on



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    • Why are Mutant X even involved with this case at all? They seem oblivious to the fact that Raymond has New Mutant abilities. They clearly have no special ties to the prosecutor or Vic. Do they just periodically take on random court cases for no particular reason? Presumably it's got something to do with Adam's big government contacts and helping them out, but this seems pretty trivial, all things considered.

    • When the Helix crashes in the parking lot, no one notices? No vehicle owners, no police, no fire department, no media, not even random bystanders? Before crashing, they're apparently headed toward a schoolyard, and the "borrowed" schoolbus reinforces this fact. How can a plane possibly crash near a school without anyone coming to check on it?

    • Why would Brennan steal a schoolbus? Out of all the available vehicles, he chooses the largest, slowest, and most conspicuous one he can find.

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