Mutant X

Season 2 Episode 2

Power Play

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 2002 on



  • Trivia

    • In the pilot episode, Adam tells Emma that he gives mutants who join the underground new identities so they cannot be tracked by the GSA. Why then does Gaumont know all about Jesse and Brennan's powers -- and Brennan's vulnerabilities? Why isn't Brennan alarmed when Gaumont tells him that that the government has a dossier on him? (editor's note: I believe the GSA worked with Eckhart, who did know all about Brennan and Jesse - the GSA knows more about them then it knows about the normal underground members)

    • Why don't Brennan, Shalimar, and Emma wear gas masks or other protective equipment when infiltrating the power plant? At that point in the story, they know that these terrorists/criminals use poison gas. Jesse has already fallen victim to it.

  • Quotes

    • Brennan: Would you just relax? You're making me nervous.
      Emma: I'm sorry. I'm just used to all my pieces being in one piece.
      Brennan: Okay, listen. Would it make you feel better if I told you that I surfed the web last night, and I figured out everything there is to know about remotely-detonated bombs?
      Emma: It'd be a start.
      Brennan: Good, then that's what I did.
      Emma: You know, I certainly hope that you are a better bomb expert than you are a liar.

    • Shalimar: That's two of us he's almost killed. I'm taking him out myself.
      Emma: Shal, wait!
      Brennan: You really think that's gonna stop her?
      Emma: Guess I should've saved my breath.

    • Shalimar: Do you remember your CPR?
      Emma: I think so.
      Shalimar: You pump, I'll blow.

    • Adam: (to Jesse) Okay, what I was really hoping was that you would get your ass back here!
      Jesse: And I was hoping you'd wish me luck.

    • Shalimar: What kept you?
      Brennan: Stopped for a beer and a bucket of wings. Come on!

    • Shalimar: Question is, do I believe you're that crazy?
      Gaumont: Damn good question.

    • Emma: Let me handle this.
      Shalimar: Girl, I like you more and more every day.

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