Mutant X

Season 1 Episode 17

Presumed Guilty

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2002 on
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Episode Summary

Presumed Guilty
Adam is framed for murder by a New Mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.

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    • TRIVIA (10)

      • For some reason, Eckhart didn't leave any written or electronic notes about the location of Sanctuary given to him by Mark before going there himself, despite his typical paranoia.

      • Lena's second eyelid protects her from Mark's powers, but shouldn't sunglasses protect someone? Many GSA agents wear sunglasses - why did four of them have problems with Mark?

      • Megan's right hand seems to be hanging up in the air despite the fact she is laying on her back and dead. After Adam wakes up it is lying much more naturally.

      • Why didn't Adam know Mark's power? Wasn't Mark in the files they stole back in the first episode and that they've referenced from time to time since? And if he does know what Mark's powers are, why does he put himself in a position to be taken so easily?

      • Why does Eckhart need a mutant to take out Mark? Once again it seems odd that nobody bothers to use guns, or at least tranquilizer darts, and take out someone at a distance.

      • So Mark now has all of Eckhart's memories. Wouldn't that be invaluable to Mutant X and the Underground?

      • So why can't Mark access Adam's memories earlier, but has no trouble later when he leads Eckhart to Sanctuary? This delay seems to exist for no reason other than to pad out the story.

      • Shalimar seems reluctant to consider the idea that Adam is a murderer - why? He essentially order Caleb's death in "Lazarus Syndrome" (although Brennan carried it out). There were other ways to deal with Caleb (see "Trivia" for that episode) and Adam went with murder. So why is Shalimar skeptical, particularly if Adam might have some good reason?

      • Why can the virtual simulator still be used as a "virtual prison"? After Adam turned against the group in "Altered Ego" and imprisoned them, you'd think they'd put some kind of protocol in so the individual Mutant X members can override it and get out.

      • Would a prisoner being held on suspicion of murder really be put in a prison (as Lena calls it) immediately after they were arrested, as Adam is here? Typically you use a holding cell in a local precinct house until an initial hearing is held, motion for bail is put forth, a trial date is set, etc.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (Brennan and Shalimar are sparring)
        Jesse: It is far too early to be exerting that kind of energy, Shal. It's not normal.
        Shalimar: Looks like somebody needs a cup of coffee.
        Brennan: You better make it a pot, look at him.

      • (talking about Adam)
        Brennan: Even geniuses need to get their groove on once in awhile.

      • (talking about a memory stealing mutant)
        Shalimar: Wait 'til I get my hands on this guy. I'll give him some memories of my own.

      • (to a snake mutant)
        Shalimar: I think it's time for you to crawl back under your rock.

      • Eisley: We just received word from the prison. Adam escaped.
        Eckhart: My day just keeps getting better and better.

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