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  • Even this goes beyond what I can stomach

    I may be a fan of hot guys, but I can't stomach too much of this dreck. It ruins the X-men for all of us and also mocks the sci-fi genre. It could have been so good too. What a disapointment. If only they hadn't killed off Emma or what's her name. She was my favorite.
  • A Insult to all X-Men fans!

    This series was nothing more then a insult to all the comic book lovers of X-Men out there. The effects were weak and the story lacked any intrest at all.

    I can't understand how a shit show like this lasted so long when FAR better shows like Speacil Unit 2, Jack of All Trades, Dark Skies, or Timecop only lasted 1 season or less!
  • After the huge success of the X-Men cartoon series, Marel decided to make a TV series about mutants. So, this is what they came up with.

    Ok, so I expected a lot of mutant battles and cool special effects from this show. What did I get? 4 mutants with rather cool powers, a lot of evil mutants and a compicated story-line. Am I pleased? NO. I liked the special effects, the battles between the mutants and even the plot...up to a point. This showi s bad because it is turned into a soap opera 1/3 of an episode being filled with corny remarks between the characters. There are a lot of hand to hand battles and mutant powers are unexplicably not used. The plot gets a bit too complicated and I really hated season 3, because Emma is replaced. All in all, I don't think it will have the success of X-Men. More muants, more action, less romance, less plot turns and it would have been extremly cool.
  • A project to create mutants results in them being released into the population. One of the scientists responsible has sworn to try and help them, while his partner, plans on using the project for his own. Adam assembles four mutants and forms the group \

    I liked X-Men the cartoon and I like this show. That\'s apparently weird and wrong to many people. The plots explore a lot of issues about genetic testing and the consequences of trying to play God. Ultimately, we screw ourselves up and create a race that we want to get rid of because they\'re more powerful. It\'s the human weakness to want to run things but then can\'t control it and get in over our head. Anyone who came on Xena, I\'ll watch their shows. Hence I watch Mutant X for V. Pratt because she played Cyane on Xena and Sarge on Cleo 2525. The show is good though. Adam is starting to make a comeback (saw that coming) and Emma\'s gone. I\'m happy about that. She had no personality and was just annoying. Her powers were cool though. The show\'s premise is Adam, a geneticist, who takes in 4 powerful mutants to help them control their powers and to fight to protect all mutants. Shalimar, the feral, who\'s very territorial and protective of the crew; Jesse, the masser/phaser, can walker through walls or become one and is a little naive, but he\'s coming out of that. They usually have him staying at Sanctuary doing computer tricks and he never gets any action. Brennan, the electric guy, can electrocute things and is a playboy, but has a sweet side. Basic pretty boy, but he and Shal may have something going on. And Lexa, new to the group. She can bend light to become invisible and to form a laser, ouch! She works for the secret gov\'t group The Dominion, but she\'s got her ow agenda and may be as much out of the loop as Mutant X. Adam\'s coming back to run things because I think he was betrayed. Anywho, great show. Good concepts. I lost touch with it for awhile, but I like where I\'m at now. Watch it.

  • about Mutant X

    My name is Julia. Excuse me, please, for my bad English. I'm from Russia. I know about show (or move) "Mutant X" no very much information, but I think it is good show. I want to know about this show, and I hope I see this move full time someday.
  • What a waste of time!

    The premiere was just plain irritating to watch. You can't stop thinking of how bad it is that they succeeded in getting the show on the air even though it is so obviously ripping of an existing property. (Changing the X in their title to a more wavy X, doesn't make it any less of a rip-off.) The scene transitions were sudden and strange, as a glowing green line would sweep across the screen, carrying with it the new scene. The dialogue and plot were completely uninteresting. I've seen better-written episodes of X-Men: Evolution, and its target audience is about 9 years old. I can't really think of a single good thing to say about Mutant X. It was laughable.
    If you're interested in the whole genetic mutant outcast kind of story, I suggest that your time would be better served either renting the X-Men movie or picking up some of the multitudinous X-Men comics out there. Marvel knows how to do the stories and characters right, since, after all, they are the ones who created the idea in the first place.
  • the sexy version of x-men

    i started watching mutant x during it's third season and i was immedietly hooked. especially after having seen the season finale i couldn't wait for it to come back, but then of course it just had to go and get cancelled....which totally bummed me out. another show lost in syndication...
  • Four powerful mutants (Brennan, Jesse, Emma, & Shalimar) ban together with the Scientist who helped to mutate them, Adam Kane, and try to rid the world of the mutants/scientists who want to use their powers for "evil," so to speak. When Emma dies, Lexa Pi

    I loved this show so much! I can't believe they left it with such a cliffhanger finale. It wasn't right to do to the show's loyal fans.

    I say we all deserve another season, to make things right (and an appearance by Emma, so they can have a proper goodbye).

  • Season 1 and 2 were the best and 3 was ok. I hated that Emma died I think they should of just killed adam off instead!

    This is a really great show. Im glad they still show it here! All the other old good shows were taken off the air for these dumb and idiotic new ones! Well overall this is one of my personal favorites and I think that they should of made atleast another season!
  • Where have all the good men gone?

    The recipe for sucess in sci-fi, hot guys and hot girls. This show had both.

    Two ex-soap opera actors gave the show popularity with women. Victor Websters looks and marital art skills combined with the genuine adorable turned hot looks of Forbes March who posses a great sense of humor were more than enough to keep the female viewers hooked. Some even fell for John Shea, who's acting experience greatly helped the show as it was getting started.

    For the men, a string of beautiful ladies. Lauren Lee Smith, Victoria Pratt, and Karen Cliche were all wonderful actresses, and the fact that they could all wear such slinky out fits helped.

    Of course beyond all of that there was just the basic plot line. Genetic experiment gone wrong, a goverment corporation gone currupt, and a group of male and female hotties fighting the bad guys. It is what every one loves. The only question is, why did only one new mutant not have a great body? All the rest sure seemed to be in pretty good shape!
  • Mutant X is a different kind of show that's out of this world... literally.

    Mutant X, a government agency's secret experiments gone wrong producing a whole new breed of humans, mutants. The government agency, known as Genetics Security Agency, is now hunting down these certain individuals and trying to kill them. Although, there is a group that fights back and they use their powers to take down the evil government agents.

    This group of 4 mutants is led by Adam Kane. Adam ia a regular man who helped in creating the 'Mutant X' team. Although he has no supernatural powers like the rest, he specials in the fields of genetics, medicine, computers, and a skilled martial artist, not to mention he is the founder of this group.

    The group of 4 includes Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March), Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster), Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt), and Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith). Yet in the third season Emma is dead and Lexa Pierce (Karen Cliche) takes over her role as the new mutant that joins the group. Jesse is a Molecular, Brennan is an Elemental, Shalimar is a Feral, Emma is a Psychic, and Lexa is an Elemental.

    They stay in a hidden cave where all their equipment is located. And now these 4 mutants, and scientist, are trying to control their own powers as well as protect the innocent mutants from the government agents.

    Mutant X was a great show that i believe shouldn't have ended. I loved the show and wish it could have lasted a lot longer, but I have to admit that I'm lucky that they have aired as long as they did.
  • A different kind of X-Men.

    The show is set in the future and revolves around New Mutants. Especially a group called Mutant X.

    There are four different kinds of mutants. Mutant X are composed of one of each kind. Shalimar is Feral, Brennan is Elemental, Emma is Psionic and Jesse is Molecular. In Season 3 Lexa is brought in, she is an Elemental Mutant.

    The power a New Mutant possesses develop, and with each change they must learn to handle their new ability. This is something that proves too hard for many. In addition New Mutants are viewed as an abomination, they must keep hidden. And as not all cannot manage their own power it is near impossible to keep the ordinary people away form the knowledge of New Mutants.

    The show has an appearance of having had a large budget, I do not know if it did or not. The special effects for the different powers are amazinging to watch.

    Instead of keeping a superficial view of the character with the show only containing fights that are nice to watch we are served with developing characters. As the episodes pass we find out how the members of Mutant X have lived their lives before, how they live now, and what they do to handle their current lives.

    Persionally I enjoyed this show and I'm glad it got as long a run as it did, but I would have loved more.
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