Mutant X

(ended 2004)





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  • super mutants on the mutant x team.Feral, Psyonic, Electric Elemental and and a Molecular. The climax is awesome and so if everything!!!

    This T.V show is great, well not great great great but it's great and wonderful.

    Every episode is filled with surprises and different outcomes and I like to pair them up JessexEmma and BrennanxShalimar.
    I don't know if you have noticed but Brennan and Shalimar are very over protective of each other.Once in an episode I think it was Body and Soul Shalimar was getting all crushy on this guy and Brennan was really jealous and in another episode Crossroad of the Souls when Brennan got trapped in a city and when the rest of the team found him and Shalimar saw him with a girl and was aslo fuming with jealousy.

    So you see they were meant to be because in Whose woods are these they almost kissed. Enough said so not gonna say more bye xx