Mutant X

(ended 2004)





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  • Trendy, Charismatic, Preternatural

    Only three seasons of this one, it was such a fantastic show, I wish we had it back. The characters, Adam, Jesse, Shalimar, Emma, Brennen, and Lexa were so diverse and incredibly formidable as well as charismatic. I have such an affinity for things super or preternatural and this show gave us a host of both. The development of the plot was spot on and trendy. The increase in the characters powers was well rounded. The writing and dialogue were terrific. The show did justice to the comic is was derived from. I would have liked to have seen more mutants with more abilities, staying more in tune with the actual comic book, but I suppose with a budget that would have been nearly impossible. Therefore, I think that with what the show had to work with, it was well done and very creative. It'll be a show that I'll miss yet will continue to watch when it's in syndication.