Mutant X

(ended 2004)





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  • Great show, with good reviews only died because the producers ran into money trouble and had to pull season 4 at the last minute. Therefor it didn't end. The plot and characters got better every season. Fans need more!!!

    This show was GREAT! The characters got better every season, and even after 3 years there would still be a fan base if someone would just pick it up and finish it. The producers got into money trouble, but the show had good reviews and ending it with so many cliffhangers isn't fair to the viewers. It would take some work, but if someone picked it up the series had a lot going for it and they could give it at least one more season probably more if they advertised it right. The characters were getting more interesting and things were finally reaching a climax for Brennon and Shalimar, while Lexa was coming out of her self chosen shell and Jessie was taking on more leadership skills because Adam wasn't around as much. All of them were getting stronger, and then it just died. At the very least they need to do some sort of ending whether as a mini-series or a movie. Some people I know are wondering if a petition would work, I'd sign.
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