Mutant X

(ended 2004)





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  • I love Mutant X, it has been a favorite T.V. show of mine for years.

    As I stated above, I love Mutant X and it has been a favorite television show of mine for years! My favoritism of this show is not negated by the fact that it has been off air for around four years! Mutant X is one of those things that is not only entertaining but also very touching as well. The actors and actresses who were on the show were extremely talented and the characters they played had a lot of depth and expressed the full spectrum of human emotion very well. I especially loved the character "Emma", who was played by the exceptionaly talented actress Lauren Lee Smith. I not only love this show but miss it and wish it were still on T.V. and I wish Emma were still part of the show. Oh and the SciFi was excellent as well!