Mutant X

(ended 2004)





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  • Nothing like X-Men! Random and thoughtless! Rag-tag group of mutants who like to use terrible hand to hand combat abilities in place of their powers aimlessly following their Messiah complex creator...

    Mutant X was one of the worst shows I tried to watch. This show did everything it could to make itself fail. The mutants for some reason almost all used some sort of crappy kenpo/tae kwan do fighting style instead of every utilizing their abilities which at first was amusing but made the way they used their gifts very limited and thoughtless. The plot seemed to never take any serious turn or twist. All the characters remained the same though they had clearly conflicting ideologies and backgrounds, never giving rise to any character development(no one took the path of an extremist or focused too strongly on their powers. There weren't any great twists or turn in the story. The super powerful mutants just seem to all pretend they are regular people and live their double life following their self righteous leader who never really seems to have the feel of someone who is righteous or wise, but more cowardly and thoughtless. Show invokes little thought and loves to show a lack of imagination, creativity, and anything of real interest in both the plot and character development.