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(ended 2004)





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  • Mutant X is the greatest show ever!

    First, I want to address the X-Men fans. Mutant X is not a rip off of the X-Men!! Mutant X and the X-Men were created by the same company (Marvel Comics)!! The X-Men are natural mutants (they were given their power through natural biological process). The mutants of Mutant X were given their power through genetic engineering!! Fox sued Marvel for "trademark infringement". Fox lost more than once!! Now I want to address my favorite television show (Mutant X). I love this show. This show is not only entertaining but also touching. The main characters are tragic heroes who are hated by the world because they are different. It is the people who made them different that hat them them most. Also people closest to them (family and friends hate them). Also, the only people that new mutants can rely on is each other. Even one of the heroes dies.

    The plot of Mutant X is brilliant. It speaks of a distrust of big government and corporations which people feel in real life. It also speaks of science gone wrong. The story is awesome. Think about it. Mutant X is a group of four people who come together because of their gifts. And they use these gifts to help the world. These four people who were once strangers become almost like a family. These people are led, helped and sometimes protected by the man who made them the way they are. He didn't abandon them. The acting and writing are very good. The acting has a dynamic and unique style. That isn't often seen elsewhere. The dialogue is very good and has few if any "cliches". The fight scenes are awesome. The actors who were in Mutant X studied pugilistic arts in real life. When Emma and Shalimar were fighting it almost looked elegant.

    The music on Mutant X was great. Each scene seemed to have the music in it tailored for it. The soundtrack even has Vivaldi.

    The set and costume design were beautiful. The sanctuary set really looked like a warm and inviting sanctuary. The costume design by Laurie Drew was handsome on the guys and hot on the gals.

    The people who made this show put a lot of love, time thought and effort into it.