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  • mutant x is about a team who has special abilities and they used them to help other mutants from being hunted down by the people who made them.


    adam(john shea)was part of this government group who decide to take this humans and do experiments on them.for reasons youll have to find out about by watching.

    the mutant x project created lots of mutants with different powers but this mutants dont live that long.

    the government thought the project had become uncontrolable so they order a recall.

    they sent men after this mutatns to kill them and bring them back to the lab that they were made at.

    adam felt bad about this recall thing and put together a group of powerful mutants to help others mutants out and this was a way for adam tofeel like he was repaying for all his sinsthat he didto this people.

    so with adam as the leaderand his team membersshamilar(victoria pratt) with cat like powers,brennan(victor webster) who can project electricity,emma(lauren lee smith)who was an empath and could control others feelings and thoughts,and jess(forbers march)who can turn his body into a shiled or make it like a ghost where he can walk throught stuff.

    the show has great writing,the powers are so unique and used very well,and the show does have alot of twists and turns.

    the only4 problems i have are:

    1.i hate when people compare this to x-men sure its simaliar but alot of scifi shows have the same kind of plot people need to keep over themselves x-men isnt the only show out there.this really isnt a problem.

    i have 3 problems with the show

    1stproblem is when they killed one of the members off and brong in a new person when they didnt have to bring in someone else new.

    2nd. as a guy who a fan of this show alot of the people on this show are alittle bit too good looking which kind of makes it not so real but u get over that pretty quick. was suppose to go to a 4th season and then it never happened so the show is left on a cliffhanger:(

    overall i like the powers that used,the writing is very good,every actor play their character well very,the stories are intersting and suspensefuland this show is very good.

    so with3 things i hate and 4 things i like its 40/60 but the show does get extra more points for being very intersting and keep me coming back for more and more and more no matter how sometimes the stories get silly.

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