Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 20

The Prophecy

Aired Unknown May 03, 2004 on



  • Trivia

    • When Shalimar goes to the sanitarium the first time, Jesse phases her through the wall. How did she get in the second time without Jesse?

  • Quotes

    • Shalimar: Tell me how it ends. What happens to me and my friends?
      John Bishop: The final battle is upon you all. Four will begin, true love will call, one will betray, and one will fall.
      Shalimar: Fall, what do you mean fall? Do you mean die?
      (Bishop laughs hysterically)
      Shalimar: Tell me.
      (Bishop attacks Shalimar)
      John Bishop: You and your friends can't hide from fate, Shalimar. It's already found you.
      Shalimar: Can we stop it?
      John Bishop: So it is seen. So it shall be.

    • Lexa: I'm telling you there is something going on between them.
      Jesse: Between Brennan and Shalimar, are you mental? They've always been like that.
      Lexa: Please, she has no perspective with him. Every impulse is on a ten.
      Jesse: She's a feral. She's just marking her territory.
      Lexa: My God, she gets anymore territorial with Brennan she'll have to pee on his leg... let's pretend I never said that.
      Jesse: Yeah, I'm already trying... still though, you've gotta admit that having a relationship with somebody you work with and live with could be tough.
      Lexa: Why?
      Jesse: Well it's risky. I mean, what if you're misinterpreting them? What if they're just pretending to like you because they get off on the whole power trip? While the whole time they're just waiting to pull the rug from under you so you fall flat on your ass. You know what I mean? Hypothetically speaking.
      Lexa: Well, there's only ever one way to find out. You know, somebody's gotta make the first move. Hypothetically speaking. The meek shall inherit the Earth, Jesse, but they never get the girl.
      Jesse: Who you calling meek?
      (Lexa shrugs innocently)

    • Brennan: What are you doing here?
      Riley: Hey, can't a girl take a stroll down an alleyway anymore?

    • Brennan: Hey, stay out of my head.
      Riley: I'd die of boredom in there.

    • Jesse: I just happen to think if there were a hundred little Lexa's running around out there, it'd be a good thing.

    • Brennan: Please, if you were any hotter for me I'd get a suntan.

    • Jesse: He was slimed. Cool.
      Lexa: You are so weird sometimes.

    • Brennan: So what's your weakness?
      Riley: Pretty boys who ask too many questions. You?
      Brennan: Aggressive chicks with a superiority complex.

    • (Shalimar is using a punching bag)
      Lexa: So, how hot is she?
      Shalimar: Who?
      Lexa: That hot, uh? Look, Shal, speaking as a friend... (Shalimar stares) Okay, speaking as me. You've really gotta clear up your Brennan issues.
      Shalimar: What are you talking about?
      Lexa: I'm talking about every time he gets near another girl your hackles go up.
      Shalimar: Okay, first, you're way off, and second, you are way off. We're like family.
      Lexa: Yeah? I hope you like it that way. 'Cause until you get honest with yourself and Brennan, that's all you two will ever be. You know what, Shal? He has every right to keep looking.

    • Riley: You know the rules, Dooley. You make me run, I make you bleed.

    • Jesse: He's got enough cc's of thorazine in him to knock out a cow. A really, really fat cow.

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