Mutant X

(ended 2004)




  • Season 1 Episode 3: Russian Roulette

  • It sounds like when Sonya is arranging a meeting with Daniel she calls Eckhart 'Marcus' rather than Mason.

  • When Mutant X confront the Russians at the end of the episode Shalimar jumps over all the computer equipment. Not so strange in itself but for the fact that there's a guy in a black t-shirt and cap looking on from behind said computer equipment.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Fool for Love

  • When Donna jumps on top of the gate/fence, you can see the stunt wires.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Meaning of Death

  • Why is Adam so unfamiliar with Marlowe's powers? From on-screen dialogue you get the impression that Adam himself worked on Marlowe's genetic structure. Plus Mutant X has the database with all known New Mutants and their powers, which they refer back to on many occasions. So why isn't Adam clear on how Marlowe's "invulnerability" works?

  • Since Marlowe is unaffected by the plague throughout the episode despite repeated exposure, why does Adam have to wait until he finds out Marlowe's power involves cellular regeneration before he even thinks of trying to use Marlowe's mutation as a cure?

  • Why does Marlowe's rapid regeneration apparently protect his clothing in the fire blast?

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Lit Fuse

  • When Jesse and Shalimar are waiting for Ashley to draw power from the pylons Shalimar takes off her sunglasses. In the next shot when her and Jesse are running they still appear to be in her hand. However when she jumps they're gone.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: In the Presence of Mine E...

  • In the last simulation before the actual attempt, when they fail, Adam states he doesn't know why the alarms went off. Huh?!? What's the point of running simulations if you can't get useful feedback on why you fail so that you can alter your approach?'s a computer. Unless Adam deliberately put a "well there's a random chance we fail" factor in (which would be pretty much useless for training purposes), the simulation uses information Adam provided. It's his information: why can't he check and see what information caused the alarm to go off?

  • Why don't Kendra and her men try to capture Jesse and Brennan when they grab Toni? Thanks to her super-strength Kendra has Jesse on the ropes, Sure, Toni is an important part of her plan, but it seems odd to give up tbe chance to capture two members of the major group that opposes you.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Crime of the New Century

  • Why doesn't Stone recognize the undercover Shalimar, Adam or Emma? They are all wanted by the GSA, and she is a major GSA agent.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Dark Star Rising

  • Other then because he's a jerk, why is Eckhart threatening to use Harrison for experiments? Eckhart is the one who assigned GSA guards to Biocorp, and the guards are the ones who failed to capture Shalimar and Beau and let the plants get destroyed. However, Harrison is still alive two episodes later in "Double Vision", so maybe Eckhart reconsidered his decision.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Whiter Shade of Pale

  • Why is Shalimar 'hiding' from Catherine by standing in the middle of a stairway up on the handrail?

  • It's not the first time this occurs, but why don't the GSA agents use guns? Instead, the GSA agents always engage in martial arts brawls (or use electric prods occasionally). If they used guns, or even tranquilizer darts, they could take out Emma, Brennan, and Adam pretty easily. There are a few episodes where they use guns ("Fool for Love", "Dancing on the Razor") but generally they don't.

  • Why does Eckhart lethally poison Berkley (as is implied) rather than either take him captive for his experimentation program (as he does for most of the other failure-of-the-weeks), or at least give him a knockout drug if he thinks his GSA agents will have trouble taking Berkley into custody?

  • Doesn't Aldus know what happens to folks who fail Eckhart? And Eckhart seems to despise the new mutants he employs, and it's hard to believe the pay is very good. Why is he so eager to join up?

  • It's not clear what the significance of the title is to the episode. There's a song title by that name, but typically if an episode uses such a song title, they make some kind of allusion to it in the script itself.

  • Why doesn't Berkley wear the anti-electrical protective clothing like Thorne wore in "Shock of the New"? It's no wonder Eckhart's men keep getting the snot beat out of them when they forget to take precautions they've already used...

  • One of Eckhart's thugs swings at Jesse while he is in his denser form. It's only after the guy swings that Jesse reverts back and gets sucker-punched. Shouldn't Eckhart's guys know by now not to swing at the super-hard Jesse, or is the guy just that good at predicting Jesse's moves?

  • Neither Emma or Shalimar manage to sense the invisible Catherine at close-range, even though we're told the invisiblity only applies to sight. Shouldn't the former's empathy or the latter's (apparently) enhanced senses of hearing and smell pick up on the girl? (And yes, Ferals have enhanced senses, as both Shalimar and the two soldier/ferals demonstrate in "Dark Star Rising.")

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Double Vision

  • In "Dark Star Rising" Dr. Harrison was an agricultural/biologist researcher of some sort, working with a plant that caused new mutancy. Although the character here has the same name, it doesn't quite seem to be the same Dr. Harrison - this guy is a medical doctor and forensic scientist. Also, that episode ended with Eckhart making noises that he was going to dispose of Harrison: he apparently had second thoughts, since Harrison is back in this episode (although Eckhart makes the same threat again at the end of this episode).

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