Mutant X

(ended 2004)




  • Season 2 Episode 22: Lest He Become

  • Further muddying the whole timeframe of the series, Eckhart claims his pod was set to release after six months since he didn't encode it himself (see "Final Judgment" for some confusion on this).

  • Why is Eckhart stupid enough to reveal his true (and evil) motives in front of Shalimar's father, a man who is only helping Eckhart in a misguided attempt to save his daughter?

  • Despite the fact Jesse increases the resolution on the license plate, we still can't read the state.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Reality Check

  • It makes sense that Ivanov is able to project an image of Brennan into Shalimar's mind because he's seen the guy at the party. But how can he project images of Emma, Jesse, Eckhardt, and the inside of Sanctuary? He's never seen them. (editor's note - it's not clear if Ivanov knows what images he's projecting, or merely forces his victim to draw upon their own memories to fill in the gaps)

  • Season 2 Episode 19: One Step Closer

  • It's nice and supportive, but should Emma and Shalimar really be standing around when Brennan and Jesse remove the explosive collar? Are they all planning to get blown up together in the name of team solidarity?

  • Despite the fact it's Emma's room, everyone except Brennan walks out and he sticks around like it's his room.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Inferno

  • Not exactly a goof, but anyone notice that Jesse's description of the arsonist kinda sounded like...Jesse. White, early 20's, absentee father, seeks excitement...

  • Speaking of the profile, why doesn't anybody (including Jesse) mention it after Jesse brings it up? Billy fits the profile and he's the only one who does, but nobody seems to put 2 and 2 together.

  • That's quick! Larkin's family has a nice professional web site memorial up for him in the time it takes for the team to fly back from the site of his death and get back to base.

  • Again, not exactly a goof but in the commercials when Emma's in the car and looks in the mirror, Larkin says "Emma's not here right now," but in the actual episode, it's Emma who says it.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Final Judgment

  • Haven't they resolved this whole "Adam has his own agenda and goes off on his own thing" earlier? Like in "Within These Walls? Even last year, in "Presumed Guilty" Adam went out on his own - it seems a little late for Shalimar to be worrying about this kind of thing now.

  • Adam has "neural reconstruction" of events he was not present at, and often "reconstructs" images with himself in them (rather then from his own point-of-view). None of this makes a great deal of sense if the machine is taking images from Adam's own memory. He also has images of things nobody in Mutant X knew about.

  • Warren refers to events as "last year" or "this year" - he seems to refer to the TV season rather than an actual year but is never specific. For instance, he says "No Man Left Behind" occurred in July 12 "this year." This episode originally aired in April 2003. But Warren's comment suggests this episode took place in "show time" sometime after July 2003 - 3+ months after the episode aired in real time. It's also stated "Blood Ties" occurred "September 17" (no year specified) even though it occurred midway through Season 1. Actually, Warren's comments don't make much sense no matter what year(s) you place them in.

  • How does Eckhart know so much about the activities of Mutant X in the second season, after he was locked up in a pod at the end of season 1? As head of the GSA it makes sense he'd have precise dates and times for the stuff in the first season episodes, but how would he know this for the second season Mutant X "missions"? (We later find out he was in his tube for six months, but how he knows so much from being in suspended animation for six months still isn't explained.)

  • Brennan electrifying the liquid-filled tubes hooked up to Adam doesn't seem like a good idea.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Once Around

  • Why are Mutant X even involved with this case at all? They seem oblivious to the fact that Raymond has New Mutant abilities. They clearly have no special ties to the prosecutor or Vic. Do they just periodically take on random court cases for no particular reason? Presumably it's got something to do with Adam's big government contacts and helping them out, but this seems pretty trivial, all things considered.

  • When the Helix crashes in the parking lot, no one notices? No vehicle owners, no police, no fire department, no media, not even random bystanders? Before crashing, they're apparently headed toward a schoolyard, and the "borrowed" schoolbus reinforces this fact. How can a plane possibly crash near a school without anyone coming to check on it?

  • Why would Brennan steal a schoolbus? Out of all the available vehicles, he chooses the largest, slowest, and most conspicuous one he can find.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Under the Cloak of War

  • McTeague's father committed suicide five years ago, "shortly after" his mother left him, which was "a few years after" his father and Adam were together, which was 20 years ago. This doesn't seem to add up.

  • Why does Shalimar just let the chief assassin lock the booby-trapped weapon onto her arm? After the fast one he pulled in the bar -- drugging her when she let her guard down -- wouldn't she want to examine the weapon first? (For that matter, why would the villain want to hire someone who could be tricked and rendered unconscious so easily? At her initial interview, Shalimar came across as pretty gullible. Unless he wanted someone gullible?)

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