Mutant X

(ended 2004)




  • Season 2 Episode 1: Past as Prologue

  • As with the two Strand mutants in "A Breed Apart", Jesse leaves someone (Emma) stuck in a wall. This doesn't seem to be painful to her, but even by comic book physics standards this seems a little weird. Either the wall's matter has to go somewhere (are neighboring parts of the wall temporarily denser?), or it has to be mixed with the solidified person in the wall (which would be really really painful), but neither seems to happen.

  • What happened to Dr. Harrison? Did Gabriel kill him off? He seemed to be fairly well-placed in the Strand when they took over Genomex last season. In this and subsequent episodes with Gabriel he is nowhere to be seen. (He does eventually show up late in the third season.)

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Dancing on the Razor

  • Adam seems to think of it as a unique occasion that Mutant X and the GSA should work together, yet they have done so before in "Meaning of Death."

  • What exactly does Emma do to make Lancester's power do a "boomerang" and hit him? He seems to merely fire blasts of heat in a straight line with no subsequent ability to control them (like a gun). Mentally manipulating him wouldn't seem to make the heat blast turn around any more than manipulating the mind of a gunman would make an already-fired bullet turn around.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: A Breed Apart

  • During the scene when Shalimar attacks Gabriel, as she leaps toward him you can see the stunt wires.

  • So exactly what happens to the two Strand people that Jesse leaves in a wall? They should be dead if they've been mixed with a solid wall! Alternately, if the parts of the wall their bodies occupy were somehow displaced, that would leave them alive but then where did the extra mass of the wall go? At the very did they ever get out?

  • Why don't Gabriel or Harrison make more copies of the disk with the database? And why do they need to go to Genomex for Harrison to decrypt it?

  • The opening sequence is a little vague. Why is Morgan chasing after Kelly in her position as a GSA agent? Later Kelly says she was trying to leave the Strand because she didn't think Gabriel was coming back, but doesn't Morgan risk blowing her cover? And is the other feral a member of Genomex's A Squad, or a Strand member, or what?

  • It seems rather convenient that all of the Mutant X members' powers jump-start at the same time.

  • The time-freezing woman who frees Gabriel seems awfully powerful, and yet we don't ever see her again except in a couple of Strand group shots. Why doesn't Gabriel put her to work? ( claims that Morgan is doing the freezing ability (they call it a "trance"), but this doesn't gibe with her earlier display of abilities and it doesn't explain why the other woman from the Strand is present either.)

  • If the unnamed time-freezing mutant can freeze Genomex (assuming it isn't Morgan - see above), and can apparently enter Genomex at will, why doesn't the Strand simply take out Genomex right then and there, and take their time reviving Gabriel?

  • Why do Emma and Brennan go to the safehouse that they know Kelly knows about? They know she's working for the Strand, so why go to somewhere the Strand knows about?

  • Eckhart says that his second has gone renegade. Presumably he's talking about Morgan Fortier, but we never see anything to indicate she's so highly placed, in this episode or any previous one. It also seems odd that he would have a New Mutant as his second, given his disdain for the genetic creations.

  • Why don't Harrison's two Strand bodyguards display any kind of mutant abilities when they fight Emma and Jesse? (The website claims they are ferals, but they sure don't act that way!)

  • So is the time-stopping woman also moving the unconscious Ashlocke? It appears that Morgan is doing so, but she's not moving or gesturing or anything, which she had to do to disrupt Kelly's firewall earlier. So can the "freezing" new mutant move things too? And if it's Morgan, why is her subdermal governor turned off when she's not on an assignment?

  • Why does Mutant X leave Gabriel behind at Genomex after they knock him out rather than deal with him for good? That just gives him the chance to take over Genomex and (presumably) be next season's main bad guy.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Deadly Desire

  • Once again, Mutant X just leaves a dangerous mutant (Lorna) behind, unconscious. Eckhart experiments on the mutants he captures: isn't leaving him with research subjects just furthering his agenda? Or he recruits them, so leaving her to Eckhart just gives him another agent to use against them. Even if Eckhart just slaps her in a pod and leaves her there, aren't they subjecting her to cruel and unusual punishment by leaving her in Eckhart's hands? As an underground group presumably Mutant X doesn't have any choice but to leave her behind. Still, turning mutants over to Eckhart seems like a poor option.

  • So...what happened to Ames? If Mutant X frees him presumably Eckhart will have him killed or used for experimentation. They probably just let him go and he had the good sense to disappear, but who knows?

  • It's kinda gutsy for Emma to take on Lorna bare-handed, but probably not the smartest thing in the world when she's got telempathic powers she could use instead.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Nothing to Fear

  • At the very beginning, when Shal is running with Henry and Brennan stayed behind, she identifies that Henry is lying because he refers to Brennan by name. But just a minute earlier, she was screaming his name at the top of her lungs to get him to come and help.

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