Mutant X

(ended 2004)




  • Season 1 Episode 15: Lazarus Syndrome

  • Mutant X seems to hang out in a lot of nightclubs, apparently all in the same city. And the GSA has encountered them at several. Is it really a good idea for them all to get together at a nightclub like at the end of this episode? They are an underground group, after all.

  • If Caleb has enough remaining life force from both Emma and Pamela that they both "revive" to full health when he was permanently killled, then how was he permanently killed in the first place? Earlier the story establishes that he uses up others' life force to resurrect, and the relationship appears to be one-to-one (one victim = one resurrection). At best, if he was "double-charged" you'd think he'd have resurrected a second time. Alternately, if he died and used up one of his two "charges", why was there enough energy to resurrect both women? Did he have more energy stored up from previous victims that he hadn't used?

  • It seems kind of dumb on Adam's part to not check the files of deceased mutants in the database to find Caleb's file. Haven't any New Mutants ever faked their deaths before? Not to mention that sometimes Eckhart kills his New Mutant agents that fail him and sometimes he doesn't. Why not take the couple of extra seconds of processing time and check against all the files, not just those of New Mutants still believed to be alive?

  • Mutant X seems oddly unable to deal with Caleb, citing his inability to be killed. He doesn't display any unusual healing abilities other than coming back from death. Knock him over the head or wrap him up in a net, haul him back to Sanctuary, and put him in a cell that Emma doesn't know the combination to, and that's that.

  • Mutant X's astonishment at a supposedly unique mutant who can regenerate himself seems unwarranted: Marlowe from "Meaning of Death" had essentially the same powers, except his worked faster and didn't (apparently) require that he feed on other mutants' life forces. His power just worked better because it didn't let him get to the point where he was killed in the first place.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Altered Ego

  • According to one Finnish contributor, the language spoken in this language is not Finnish.

  • Emma knows how to speak Finnish, the same language that Adam changed all the settings to. But it does make you wonder. If Emma said in Finnish exactly the same thing she did in English (something to do with forcefields) what did her and the exchange student talk about when they were going out?

  • If Emma and Brennan are so concerned about Charlotte touching them on the rooftop, why don't they just wear gloves and hoods?

  • Ummm, so what is Lynch supposed to be doing when Charlotte "reverses his moral compass"? Is he strangling the GSA agent because he's become "good" (?!?), or what?

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Blood Ties

  • At the end of the episode, when the GSA agent shoots at Jesse and his father, the bullets drop to the ground after hitting Jesse but they aren't crushed or flattened - they are completely normal.

  • Eckhart must be really dumb, as he could have used Porter to track down all safehouses and even the sanctuary

  • For something as supposedly as important as the disk and the information on it, why does Eckhart send one inexperienced New Mutant and just a few men?

  • When Porter and his men spot Jesse, why does Jesse run all the way around to the driver's side instead of phase inside? He may have to keep his feet on the ground to stay stable when phasing or something, however.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Double Vision

  • In "Dark Star Rising" Dr. Harrison was an agricultural/biologist researcher of some sort, working with a plant that caused new mutancy. Although the character here has the same name, it doesn't quite seem to be the same Dr. Harrison - this guy is a medical doctor and forensic scientist. Also, that episode ended with Eckhart making noises that he was going to dispose of Harrison: he apparently had second thoughts, since Harrison is back in this episode (although Eckhart makes the same threat again at the end of this episode).

  • As with most "split into two" s.f. episodes of various series, there is no explanation for where the extra mass to create a second Emma originated from. Without extra mass each one would weigh half as much as the original, which doesn't seem to be the case when Jesse picks her up.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Whiter Shade of Pale

  • Why is Shalimar 'hiding' from Catherine by standing in the middle of a stairway up on the handrail?

  • It's not the first time this occurs, but why don't the GSA agents use guns? Instead, the GSA agents always engage in martial arts brawls (or use electric prods occasionally). If they used guns, or even tranquilizer darts, they could take out Emma, Brennan, and Adam pretty easily. There are a few episodes where they use guns ("Fool for Love", "Dancing on the Razor") but generally they don't.

  • Why does Eckhart lethally poison Berkley (as is implied) rather than either take him captive for his experimentation program (as he does for most of the other failure-of-the-weeks), or at least give him a knockout drug if he thinks his GSA agents will have trouble taking Berkley into custody?

  • Doesn't Aldus know what happens to folks who fail Eckhart? And Eckhart seems to despise the new mutants he employs, and it's hard to believe the pay is very good. Why is he so eager to join up?

  • It's not clear what the significance of the title is to the episode. There's a song title by that name, but typically if an episode uses such a song title, they make some kind of allusion to it in the script itself.

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