Mutant X

Season 2 Episode 15

Under the Cloak of War

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2003 on
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Under the Cloak of War
Adam is the target of an assassination league. After their first failure, he sends Shalimar to infiltrate the group but the situation quickly becomes dangerous for her.

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    • TRIVIA (7)

      • McTeague's father committed suicide five years ago, "shortly after" his mother left him, which was "a few years after" his father and Adam were together, which was 20 years ago. This doesn't seem to add up.

      • Why does Shalimar just let the chief assassin lock the booby-trapped weapon onto her arm? After the fast one he pulled in the bar -- drugging her when she let her guard down -- wouldn't she want to examine the weapon first? (For that matter, why would the villain want to hire someone who could be tricked and rendered unconscious so easily? At her initial interview, Shalimar came across as pretty gullible. Unless he wanted someone gullible?)

      • So, why didn't the thing on Shalimar's arm blow up? Adam never died.

      • What the heck's the point of locating prospective assassins with great fighting skills and stuff if you only need them to fire a gun that basically does all the work for you?

      • Adam was arrested as a murderer last year and nobody could come up with a public file on him. Now he's giving big publicized speeches with his face and name on posters. This seems kinda odd...

      • I guess it's just her "animal nature" manifesting, but it seems kinda odd for Shalimar's eyes to glow so she can turn on her heightened hearing.

      • Why does Emma say something in front of McTeague that obviously hints she has superpowers ("Adam, I'm sensing more security on the way..."). Does anyone without super-sensing abilities talk this way?

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Jesse: Well, it's a good thing my timing is impeccable.
        Brennan: Yeah. Lucky this time.
        Jesse: Lucky? Why is it that when you take chances they're called calculated risks?
        Brennan: Well, 'cause I do the calculations.

      • Noel: You're a lone wolf, like me. But even a lone wolf needs a pack at times.
        Shalimar: Well, give me a job. Show me what it's like to be in your pack.
        Noel: You prove yourself to me, Shalimar, and you'll have your job.
        Shalimar: Didn't I prove myself tonight?
        Noel: Anyone can fight. I have to see you kill.

      • Shalimar: (to Brennan) Aren't you gonna say something? (she spins in her dress)
        Brennan: You look good, You look really good.

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