Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 2

Wages of Sin

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Lexa has the team looking for a cryon bio-weapon that may be tied into Genomex and the trail leads to the Westmark Casino. Shalimar and Brennan get close to the various terrorists present, while Lexa breaks in and gets some info from one of the attendees, "The Tiger." Lexa is instructed to let the deal go through at the risk of millions of lives, then goes in herself. Brennan gets close to the casino owner, Kristen Greg, and takes on the role of The Tiger while Lexa and the others work somewhat at cross purposes. The team find out that the bio-weapon research and its creator, Dominique, can stabilize mutation – something even Adam supposedly couldn't accomplish. Lexa and Brennan go in to the auction while Shalimar sneaks into the vault to steal the bio-weapon and replace it with a fake canister. Naturally the real Tiger shows, blowing Brennan's cover and forcing him and Lexa to try and escape along with Shalimar, but are forced to flee back into the vault. Greg uses the cryon on them and they fake being killed long enough for the vault to be opened so they can get free. A nervous Greg reports to the mysterious "Dominique", signing her death warrant, while Lexa takes the cryon to be destroyed. . . supposedly. And Lexa drops hints she needs Dominique's superior research to stabilize someone close to her.
(Copyright 2003 Steve Crow)