Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Lexa sends the team to a cornfield based on an informant's report of a genetic disaster when a horde of locust arrive but die within seconds – they also find the dead informant. The locust have been genetically modified to resist pesticides, and they find out the informant worked for ZDT Corporation owned by the family of Jesse's former fiancée Alisha. Jesse goes in undercover as an investor to take advantage of his connection to Alisha, while Shal and Brennan get a sample and determine the locust are designed to self-destruct and certain corn is treated so the locusts won't eat it.

The team determines that Alisha's company is involved with the locusts and Jesse reluctantly goes in to distract her while Lexa searches the files. The two end up in bed while Lexa confirms Alisha's involvement. Jesse confronts Alisha, who denies everything while Shal and Brennan head for a storage spot and narrowly avoid a booby-trap. Alisha contacts Jesse and claims she's being used – by her assistant Nathaniel. , because of Jesse confronting Alisha. Jesse gets there as Alisha is kidnapped and leaps into the van with her. Their scientist-expert comes up with the use of sound as a way to kill the locust. Alisha remembers where the farm with the locust might be and Jesse takes them out the bad guys when they arrive. Shal and Brennan take out the locust and Jesse and Alisha break up when Jesse chooses his life with Mutant X.\
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