Season 1 Episode 1

Game On

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBC

Episode Recap

The death of one ice hockey star clears the path for the birth of another.

McBride, an aging ice hockey player hosts a party along with his wife Evelyn and daughter Molly. Sort of a pre-season bash. However disaster strikes when during the party while high on narcotics he falls to his death in front of family and friends... as well as one of the Mustang's administrative team who he had been holding out on in terms of taking a pay cut. Suddenly the team is free from McBride's salary obligations to purchase up and coming rookie Trevor Lemonde.

Trevor comes from humble beginnings living with his parents in a trailer park. He leaves behind his girlfriend Tabbi, with promises of her joining him soon. Playing in the major league is a stark difference. Not all of his team mates are keen on his arrival either.

Meanwhile McBride's family have been left financially bereft due to hi addiction to narcotics. As such they have to leave their home and start afresh, something which his daughter, who is used to riches and indulgence, struggles to accept. Rather she is curious as to what the key her dad gave her just before his death could possibly unlock.

We also get to meet Gabe McCall who upon McBride's death got appointed captain. His dad happens to be the Mustangs coach. Gabe happens to chance upon sweet innocent day care teacher Connie Lewis and begins to woo her in earnest. She is initially reluctant but relents eventually. However she unfortunately chances upon him with dancers all over him in a club and walks away due to their difference in lifestyle.

The final piece of show is Damon Trebuchet, another star Mustang hockey player who seems addicted to women and narcotics. He constantly pursues all available women and sleeps with them, seemingly uncaring of their feelings. He records these encounters and this proves to be costly as Mindy, a girl he casually slept with runs off with the tape.
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