Season 1 Episode 1

Game On

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBC

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  • The death of one ice hockey star paves way for the birth of another. As the McBride family's life comes crashing down, Trevor Lemonde's is looking up. A peek into the glitzy life of ice hockey stars and the plight felt by those trying to enter... or not.

    A good start to what promises to be an enthralling show. We get to meet the main players in this show, the players and their wives. We are given an insight into their characters and lifestyle. It seems the life of an ice hockey star is definitely glitz, glamour and living in the fast lane. This way of life is brilliantly contrasted by Trevor Lemonde's background and Connie's too. You can almost predict the tension and fallout when these two worlds collide. Being the first show it gave you brief glimpses into their personalities. However they appear almost too stereotypical. I won't give up hope though. This show does no seem to be following clean 'bubble-gum' pictures currently depicted in shows. It seems to be warning of twist, turns and possibly darker undertones (and i do not mean the ghost the Trebuchet sees). All in all a sold start to a promising series which, at the moment, seems to have a bright future.