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  • Love this show!

    I have to say I thought this show might be another corny soap opera or deep drama. I have to say this is, by far, my favorite show. From what I understand, this show was just about canned. I somehow cannot believe that! This show is all about relationships and us women love that stuff! The more I watch it, the deeper the characters' personalities and stories become. While its about a life style most of us cannot relate to, the characters are real and their joys, sorrows and challenges are similar to our own. Love this show, it's just great!
  • A drama following the lives of ice hockey players, both on on off the ice. Personal relationships more complex than meets the eye. Glitz, glamour, sports, romance, darker undertones... it has got a bit of everything!

    Not to be likened to other dramas following sports stars such as Footballer's wives. There are some definite similarities which cannot be ignored such as complex love stories, drug use, backroom/ locker room politics, jealousy. However beyond that this drama has more depth, more complexities.

    After one episode you can tell that there is more to each character than what has been portayed. We have barely scratched the surface. Where similar shows fail by becoming safe and cheerful, M.V.P appears to be unafriad of tackiling the tougher issues.

    Its not all deep and serious stuff though. In the midst there are pockets of comedy; scenes which leave you smiling and bemused. Though at times predictable, the premise of the show suggests it has far to go and can only get better. There is so much scope for character development.

    I can only wait with bated breath to see how this unpolished gem progresses...