MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 3 Episode 7

Country Kids vs. City Kids

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Jun 03, 2004 on Spike TV
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Episode Summary

MXC throws open their games to kids for our first "Children's Special" as the Country Children take on the City Children and see where the best kids come from. Also, Vic and Kenny test out Vic's new invention...a career-choosing device for toddlers.

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    Christopher Darga

    Christopher Darga

    Kenny Blankenship

    Mary Scheer

    Mary Scheer

    All Female Voices

    Victor Wilson

    Victor Wilson

    Vic Romano

    John Cervenka

    John Cervenka

    Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal and Your Humble Announcer

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      • Kenny: And my number one most painful elimination goes to....Scott Holmes, outdoor man-scaper - whatever the hell that means. Here, he loses not one, not two, but three nards! Ouch!

      • Your Humble Announcer: MXC is back with city slickers vs. [bleep] kickers.

      • Your Humble Announcer: MXC is back with more city kids vs. farm kids. It's street ho's versus...oh, forget it.

      • Kenny: (Dressed as a postman) Where are our guns?
        Vic: We don't carry guns. We deliver packages to people.
        Kenny: What if we run into a dog?
        Vic: You just give it a little kick.
        Kenny: What about a mountain lion?
        Vic: Just give it a bigger kick.
        Kenny: What about a zombie?
        Vic: You just shoot it in the head and give him a kick and go on your way.

      • Contestant: There's no hair down there!
        Vic: He's the only kid in his school who wears his underwear in the shower during gym class.
        Kenny: I never wore underwear in school. I went "commando".
        Vic: I'm glad you grew out of that, Ken.
        Kenny: No, I still do. Look.
        Vic: I'd rather not, Ken!!

      • Country Kid: I breed @$$!

      • Captain Tenneal: Look at Herschel here. He goes home, does his homework and eats his vegetables.
        Herschel: (Softly) Yeah, right on.
        Captain Tenneal: And you know what? One day, you're all going to be working for him.
        Contestants: BOOO!
        Captain Tenneal: Let's go!

      • Female Contestant: If you find my sheep, call 555-555-5555.
        Kenny: I saw a sheep on the way to the show... it was still twitching, so I ran over it with my Jetta.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Games include "The Great Escape from Foster Care", "Li'l Sinkers and Floaters", "Irritable Bowl Training" and "Rotating Surfboard of Death Jr."

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