MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 3 Episode 6

Dentists vs. Explorers

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM May 27, 2004 on Spike TV
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Dentists vs. Explorers
Oral drillers take on spelunkers on this MXC affair when the Dentists take on Explorers. Also, Kenny demonstrates some of his new which Vic needs some Teamsters to help.

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    Christopher Darga

    Christopher Darga

    Kenny Blankenship

    Mary Scheer

    Mary Scheer

    All Female Voices

    Victor Wilson

    Victor Wilson

    Vic Romano

    John Cervenka

    John Cervenka

    Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal and Your Humble Announcer

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      • Kenny: And my most painful elimination of the day goes to....Edward Perry from "Outdoor Outing!" Here he loses all his teeth with this crushing blow. Bet he'll be popular at the office on Monday!

      • Vic: Here's Dave Shackleton. He's a range-roving rattle wrangler from Rwanda.
        Kenny: Oh, now he's sucking sludge on our septic shores!
        Vic: Great alliteration, Ken.
        Kenny: Huh?

      • Kenny: (Testing out his Oral Facializer) Okay, go. GO! Stupid Teamsters. Okay, first, you get a blast of florid mist for your oral cavitites... (Poof!) AGGH! I don't think there's cavities on my arm! Then you get dipped into the mouthwash- (Gurgle, gurgle) hairgel combination. Aggh! I don't think that's supposed to be in my eyes! Now this toothbrush is supposed to go in my mouth, but I can't see! (Toothbrush starts smacking Kenny in the head) I think I'm blind. Does my hair still look good?

      • Pants DePeon: I like to start the day off with a nice warm shower...from a friend.
        Kenny: Wow, that's disgusting.

      • Vic: Here's Howard Sterno. He's a cat-campfire storyteller.
        Kenny: Yeah, once he told me the one about the lesbian and the hook.

      • Danny Glands: After waiting six hours for your root canal, how many hemmeroids did you develop? Ready? Palm it!

      • Vic: (During Wall Bangers) Here's serial killer Roger Celiac.
        Kenny: He got his dentistry license in prison.
        Vic: Right you are, Ken.

        (Later on as Celiac cheats his way through the second door)

        Vic: Here he comes up to Skanky. (Celiac pushes Skanky over) OH!!! Skanky's down!
        Kenny: Aw man! He should be locked up! He killed Skanky!

      • Vic: Kenny, what are those?
        Kenny: My new invention. Specialily-modified hiking boots. They work on land and water.
        Vic: I see. Let me guess. I have to plug em' in?
        Kenny: No, they're battery opperated. Right now, I'm going to Hawaii. (Starts walking through puddle)
        Vic: God speed, my friend.
        Kenny: (Falls into puddle) Help! Help! I can't swim!
        Vic: Sorry, I'm not a Teamster, but I can throw you an extension cord.
        Kenny: AGGH!

      • Woman: I was face down and they started palming my sternum.
        Guy LeDouche: Oh, want me to rub it?
        Woman: No, no wait! It's not a muscle, it's a bone! It's right up here! Oh, stop it Guy!

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      • Vic: Here's Howard Sterno. He's a cat-campfire storyteller.
        Howard Sterno is a fake name that the writers got from Howard Stern, who has his own syndicated morning show from K-Rock every weekday in New York. Because of the erotic comments made in the show, Howard Stern will be moveing to Sirius satelite radio in 2006.