MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 3 Episode 14

Film Industry vs. Phobias

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Dec 09, 2004 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • In Pole Riders, the man wearing the black cape is known as Scab Backman, but In Kenny's Eliminations, he is named Popeye Boyle.

    • In Saddle Sores, Horse #5 is named Fear of Frothy Things, but In Kenny's Eliminations, he is named Fear of Heights.

    • The first thirty seconds with Vic and Kenny was a rerun of part of "Cops vs. Cons" from Season One.

  • Quotes

    • Kenny: And my number one most painful elimination of the day goes to: aracnaphobic Robert Underwood. The only crack he should fear now is the one running from the base of his skull down to his little brown spider! I hate bugs.

    • Kenny: Do brown spiders swim?
      Vic: Usually, they just bark, Ken.

    • Vic: Next up, team captain Robert Underwood.
      Robert Underwood: I haven't talked to my father in five years!
      Vic: He suffers from aracnaphobia, Ken.
      Kenny: Yeah, he has a fear of brown spiders.

    • Guy LeDouche: (Singing) Hey, look at me, I'm chipper
      My friends call me the whipper
      Now let's go to the Skipper!
      Captain Tenneal: (Shocked) Whoa.

    • Vince Miraki: I've been intimate with a yak!

      Let's do it one more time.
      Kenny: I'm goin' to my trailer. Lynne Hache is waiting for me.

    • Kenny: (During fire scene) Is the trampoline down there? Okay! (Falls out burning window, through trampoline and into puddle) HELP! AGGHHH! IT'S MYSTERY FLUID! HELP! I NEED A DOUBLE!
      Vic: Sorry, Ken. No doubles.

    • Film Dudes: Three cheers for Captain Tenneal!
      Hip hip horray!
      Hip hip horray!
      Hip hip horray!
      Hip hip horray!
      Hip hip horray!
      Ah, I think that was five cheers.

    • Kenny: I'm going to be the new Fudge Batman!

    • Gwyneth Diaz: I lift my leg to pee!

    • Vic: Here's Crown Vic. He has crapnaphobia.
      Kenny: He's afraid of dice games and number two.

    • Vic: Ken, are you ready for your scene? Do you have your script?
      Kenny: Yeah. (Gets undressed)
      Vic: Kenny, what are you doing?
      Kenny: Getting ready for my love scene. Who am I doing it with?
      French Guy: 'Allo.
      Kenny: You're a dude!
      French Guy: Oui oui.
      Kenny: Nice basket.

    • Vic: Up next is Honey Wagon.
      Honey Wagon: I'm worthless!
      Kenny: Her job stinks. She keeps taking crap from everybody.
      Vic: Right you are, Ken.

    • Al Tinina: Yes, I'm lactose intolerant! Ugh!
      Vic: First up, Al Tinina. He fears homogenized milk, Ken.
      Kenny: Guess that makes him a homophobe.

  • Notes

    • In "Get a Piece" contestants had to lift these giant pieces of a puzzle and put them together to score points. With a score of 5-3 at the end of the game, that was a new record.

    • Games include "Get A Piece" (new), "Pole Riders", "Saddle Sores" and "Log Drop".

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