MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 5 Episode 12

People Who P!$$ Us Off vs. Worst Jobs

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Feb 02, 2007 on Spike TV

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  • This show is funny. You will laugh tell you cry.

    this show is so funny. With all the flip and falls this show makes everyone lol. I laugh for hours. the comantary for this show is what really make the room laugh, to the point where we cant move from laughing. every episode is so funny that i end up crying, from laugh to hard. i give this show 2 tombs up and 2 big toes up. lol it is the best games show ever :-) :-0 lol funny... funny funny funny it is all about the falls and flips. the mud and water dose make it funner. you will laugh for the hole show.