MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 5 Episode 2

Religous Right vs. Gay Rights

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Nov 10, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • I strongly agree with the last reviewer about this episode. It is not at all like the traditonal MXC I used to love. This was total,blatant ultra-left propaganda.Do you remeber when TV just did what it was meant to do?ENTERTAIN??

    This is another show that started off great,but now hops on the media bandwagon by taking up a militant stance on some issue.Naturally it's a flaming liberal rant.Anti-Catholic and Pro-Gay.-yawn-

    This is another show I'm going to have to stop watching,and while I'm at it,toss the dvd in the trash.Willy Clinton and hill-uh-reeee are big fans of the show.Real shocker there with all of the crap that's being thrown into it now.

    Whitehouse vs. The World? Religon vs. Gay "rights"?
    Wiccans vs. Christians? Republicans vs. Democrats?

    Stick to entertaining,and when it comes to your know it all viewpoint... shut the hell up!
  • What happened to the MXC I knew and loved?

    When MXC was introduced to me I instantly fell in love with it. Its hilarious combination of violent, yet somewhat safe, humor and witty voice over’s was great. That was then, but this is now. I watched this episode (religious right vs. gay rights) and I was appalled at what I was seeing. Not because of the subject, but this is a terrible mess of a copy-cat show. My impression was that this was a farce, a comical remake; maybe even I was watching a movie (similar to the south park movie). Basically, this was not the original MXC, it was clearly a remake. You could tell by the fake, half-hearted attempts on the \"stone-skipping\" contest by the people who were trying to skip the stones. The people were not running full speed and were not giving it the all out effort that made the real MXC so great to watch. People were being way to cautious, it’s like they were actors being paid to do the stunts. The camera views were giveaway too. During the maze challenge everybody was in the maze at once (unlike usual when they had only one person in at a time). I noticed there were 3 different camera views they used during this challenge. One was a sky view which showed the whole maze at once, a hidden camera view from inside the maze (not seen before), and a shoulder-camera view which was also inside the maze (also not seen before). So they must have had a camera crew down in the maze with the people...ok, but that defiantly wasn’t part of the old MXC. Never mind the close-ups of the people who played the \"monsters\" (lack of better description). The \"monsters\" were acting stupid right into the camera like they were trying to scare the people watching on TV (which was defiantly not part of the original MXC.) The whole thing was completely cheesy. Then there were the hosts. In this show they were standing with a lot of people I had never seen before including some guy with a huge fake head. All the people were standing across, what I can describe in no other way than, a stage. This was an impression I never received from the original MXC. The camera quality was completely different too. The colors in this one are brighter, not like the greyer, lower quality images of the real MXC. This show was a recreation, but they had a lot of the same characters as the original (the hosts, the sword guy, the safari guy). I believe that this show was an attempt to recreate the real show (and not the same way they tried with the \"American version\". which was decent) and I do not believe the people who paid for the recreation did it for morally-good reasons, because of the subject. The whole show was pushing and overabundance of jokes about the gay rights vs. neoconservatives issue. I do not remember any of the old MXCs to push such a controversial topic in such a non-stop offensive way. My point is someone paid for a mock show of MXC in order to push a message onto its viewers. A lot of young people like me watch and love MXC, and to exploit it in this way is disgusting. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories and things of that nature, but I see nothing but corruption in this terrible mock of a show. Viva the Real MXC.
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