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  • kingofengland

  • Mxc is brilliantly funny filth!

    Bloody hilarious! Don't know how funny the original Takeshis Castle was, although its always satisfying to watch people fall over. The commentary on this is both rude and clever, somehow the dubbing really fits. We record them all off Challenge and watch them back to back and can honestly say we cry laughing at the antics, but it's the cheeky innuendo that seals the deal. Makes for a great night of side-splitting nonsense, how this isn't famous as the funniest show ever made beggars belief x
  • One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

    Most Extreme Elimination Challenge or MXC is a popular, hilarious show on Spike TV. The show is actually recycled footage from an old Japanese game show overdubbed in English with some humorous lines. The show features some memorable characters as well. There is the host Captain Tenneal who has a way with the ladies, the psychotic, crazy, and dorky Guy LeDouche (who is sometimes replaced with his family members Gip, Gop, Gay and Goon), the beer-and-chick loving Kenny Blankenship and the underappreciated Vic Romano. Every episode of the show features a character named Babbaganoush as well. All of the episodes feature different characters from different professions facing off in some crazy games. Some of the best games are The Rotating Surfboard Of Death, The Impassable Stones Of Mt. McKidney, Elimination Idol, Log Drop, Sinkers And Floaters and Dope On A Rope. At the end of each show there is a segment called "Kenny Blankenship's Painful Eliminations Of The Day" which features some of the most painful hits and misses of the episode. The show also had an episode filmed in Florida pitting pro skateboarder Tony Hawk vs. pro snowboarder Tara Dakides. They are they only two characters to speak in English as well. This show could not get any better and will hopefully be on for a long time to come.
  • Only funny for the first season

    The first seasonw as great. It quickly became one of my favorite show. after almost a year they bring it back with almost none of the edgy humour that it had before. You can also tell that they ran out of footage from the old japanese show when they show karaoke as one of the events.
  • i love how the creators don't get hurt by the dubs!

    You are dumb if you say that this show is funny i'm always loling when i watch this show the dubs are smart and the funny names given to the people,challeges,and questions on some of them. people were so genius when they made this show i wish there are more OR are there? if yes i would be happy but if not the episodes they made were smart and i hope everyone would remenber this and know this good comedy! why aren't shows these good these days we need shows like MXC more oftten to know what good comedy is in this world.
  • cool

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  • lol

    so basically this show is about a bunch of idiot asians who sign up to win these crazy challenges and usually end up getting humiliating. the japanese people talk, in their language, but when they speak its dubbed with american voices. u know, kinda like dubbed anime excwept in this show, the words dont match at all lol but the actions do :P. when i first saw this show i laughed and loved it now i feel bad watching this because i dunno it shows people gettin humiliated and laughed at on public television and i know i wouldnt wanna be that person. well i guess thats what they get for signing up?O_o. well this show is an ok show and i try not to laugh but i just have to sometimes lol.
  • This show is always funny

    It's pretty obvious that the footage was from a Japanese game show in the 80s called Takashi's Castle. They just dubbed the voices for present day. I still love the show because there is always some sarcastic joke between Vic and Ken, and Guy Le Douche is a pervert. The way they explain the games is hilarious, and the contestant's stupid remarks only make the show more enjoyable. The games are nearly impossible to do perfectly, and contestants are put into two teams of random names. The captain always asks the crowd a yes or no question, which they usually respond yes to, and he contradicts them. This show is hilarious, and it's a personal favorite of mine.
  • Great Show

    What I like about this show is they way people go down, it's so funny how some of these people get wiped out.
    This show is more of a comedy type show than a "Game Show", I don't even think that this is a game show, I don't know what type of show this is, well whatever type it maybe this show is great for laughs. The host's are always dissing each other and always have on funny wigs, costumes and masks. The only bad thing about this show is that it's in japenese or chinese and the host's and the people participating have american voice actors, but, all in all this is a great show and tune in to watch it, you won't be disapointed.
  • This show is so funny, I always want to watch another episode.

    MXC, which stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is a show where Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship provide color commentary for people doing crazy stunts like jumping on rocks and other games like that. This show is great because the show always translates what the Japanese contestants are saying into crude, but humorous stuff. Kenny and Vic also talk the same way which always makes you laugh. Also, the stunts that the people do are hilarious and every time somebody falls flat on their face on a game you will laugh. The bad parts of the show is that the stunts are sort of repetitive and not as funny as they were the first time you watch. The show is great overall and worth watching.
  • Best show on television!

    Hey ya'll, Gotta say thanks for the best show on television! I have no idea whose brainchild this is, but whoever they are....GENIUS! My only wish is that Spike would run the show more during the day,a nd possibly give us a marathon once in awhile. This show definetly deserves its own time slot EVERY day. Thanks for listening.

    A VERY Devoted fan!
  • the greatest

    This show is off the wall and amazing. MXC is an amazingly funny show, that also contains many challenges that are competitive in Japan. The stunts and everything however do seem dangerous, but they are still fun to see. The show begins with funny commentary, and two teams of Japanese mostly citizens, that are branched into two groups and compete together in numerous challenges, which makes this a good show to see, but what I really enjoy is the shows dubbign and great commentary, which is also a plus.

    I do however wish, that the show would air at a better time, and that the challenges were more varied, but other than that it is off the wall, adventurous, clever, and humerus.
  • This show is off the wall and amazing.

    MXC is an amazingly funny show, that also contains many challenges that are competitive in Japan. The stunts and everything however do seem dangerous, but they are still fun to see. The show begins with funny commentary, and two teams of Japanese mostly citizens, that are branched into two groups and compete together in numerous challenges, which makes this a good show to see, but what I really enjoy is the shows dubbign and great commentary, which is also a plus.

    I do however wish, that the show would air at a better time, and that the challenges were more varied, but other than that it is off the wall, adventurous, clever, and humerus.
  • Smart choise!

    I laughed at the show when it was on Spike. Now my whole family laughs at it on DVD. The special features are great too, which include - one episode of the original Japanese game show, and the Top 25 Most Painful Eliminations (from Season One). Another special feature is the original pilot which includes some games not seen on the TV episodes. I can't wait for more seasons to come out on DVD. It will be great to get together with a group of friends and all laugh together. Anyone who has not seen MXC will be amazed at their own reactions - a mixture of laughter and 'ohhhhhhhh's when they see the sometimes painful crashes during competitions. And how funny is it that during a rope tug'o'war some contestants end up pulling against a cow without knowing it?

    The commentary by Vic and Kenny overlaid on the original shows is just as funny as the competitions.
  • TVs best crappy looking funny show

    who ever made this show is a genuis! every episode is gonna make u laugh till u cry i wish they would show more of it on TV tho. random chinese people running around doing stupid things makes the show gold automatically the stunts they have to do is hilarious from retarted obstacle courses and stuff that makes no sence they make retarted names like gay-z and babagonush or something like that watch this show and u wont be dissapointed also i wont forget about kenny and the romano guy, gay ledouche and the commander or whatever WATCH THIS SHOW
  • This show cracks me up! I could die laughing! This show is absolutely brilliant! :)

    MXC is just the funniest game-show, I have ever watched.
    It is actually a Japanese game-show, then re-dubbed and has been made into the BEST show ever. The voice actors are so talented and who comes up those awesome scripts? The stunts are truly well-designed and just so much fun! I love all the Stunts including Boulder Dash, etc! The teams are so humorous, and well-built like Child-stars, Meat Butchers etc! Kenny and Vic are just the best! Also the Captain and the reporter! If you still have not watched MXC, you should really start watching! I mean, they can make millions of episodes! MXC Rocks!
  • i'm going to die laughing "i heard he got bite by a spider and has Peter Parkersons disease" omg that is funny who the heck things of that stuff

    damn what can i say about this show ? i mean its one of the funiest shows on the Tube right now. i've been watching this show on and off for a bout 2 years i think. i want to see the original show first then seen the show when the used the american voice overs. man ... who the hell things of this stuff ... i mean the voice over lines ... they are sooo funny you have got to watch the show. i would not mind if this show was an hour long then just its short 30 minute thing. anyway I abso f**king lutly loveee this show.
  • This show is just so hilarous!

    This is probably one of the funnist shows I've ever watched! This show is actually a game show from Japan! However, English voices are dubbed over the original Japanese, with hilarous results. The contests on this show are so over the top, its hilarous. Each episode of this show is never the same either; That's what I love about it! I think it could use a bit more exposure though; most of my friends have never heard of this show until I show it to them. Most of all, this show is so unbelivably stupid! Whenever I watch it, I usually think to myself: "Why am I doing this?" However, once you watch it, you'll probably relalize why it is so addictivly great!
  • Your watching MXC! Most extreme elimation challenge! Who would win in a match, babies or old people, this show has it all.

    I think Mxc rules. Its very hilarious too, the teams are so funny, they have game companies vs. the mafia, its so funny! I love it, the people there are dumb but we all know that without them, Mxc wouldnt be here, I love it! MXC is for all of you people who like seeing others mess up and just seeing hilarious bloopers. Without Mxc, I would have 1 less show to watch. For all you fans that like seeing people do funny things, this is your show! It has 3 important things, mistakes, funniness, and of course, pointless games!
  • Stupid stunts and toilet humour, what else could you ask for? MXC is a japanese show with people replacing the japanese voices with english voices resulting in hilarious dialogue.

    MXC is a comedy/reality/japanese show about two different groups of people doing stupid things for no aparent reason. The humour level on this show is very high. One time on a game the losers had to be in the front row of a Celine Dion concert and they started falling over on their sides and one guy was lying flat on his face and Kenny said " Hey! He's cheating, he killed himself." LOL! This show makes you laugh when the people hurt themselves, this show freaking rocks! Anyone who likes to watch people get hurt will love love this show. Its on every saturday at 12:30 am on SPIKE Tv.
  • I like it

    This is one of the most funniest shows that has ever been made and put on to air. It is so funny that it is one of my favourite shows. My nickname ended up being Captain Tenneal coz I love this show so much. Its funny how if you are obsessed with something how it relates to a nickname you may have. But hey I like it. I am not the one one complaining. I never really complain. If you dont like MXC, you have to be kidding with me because there arent that many shows like MXC. Its fun and pain put into one.
  • mxc is hilarious

    MXC is the greatest laugh out loud show of all time. The stunts these contestants attempt to pull off while they are mockingly dubbed over by announcers Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship will keep you rolling on the floor. From their witty commentary to the clothes they wear, names they have, and titles of the challenges that they hold are worth a laugh in themselves.As a loyal viewer of MXC on Spike, I was wondering if the show would ever be released on DVD. Much to my delight, last week I discovered Season 1 would soon be out. After receiving it in the mail today and watching a few episodes, I remembered how great Season 1 was. My all-time favorite episode Adult Entertainment vs. Home Improvement put me in tears earlier today. A must have for any X-head out there!! It also makes a great gift for any college kid.
  • Most Extreme Elimination Challenge always had me rolling on the floor!

    This short show was always good for a laugh. It was basically normal people trying their best to navigate through various obstacles with goofy themes played throughout.

    Imagine yourself in a sumo wrestling suit, or canoeing on land.

    Anyway this show had two narrators that made the show successful since it seemed as though it did not originate in the US, so the footage with comments made for a hilarious show.

    this show is hiliarious, there is no review great enough for this show, so i will just tell you to watch it and find out for yourself, the only problem is that they dont show it as often as they should, but o well go find when its on and WATCH go go go go go WATCH WATCH go gogogogogogogoggo WATCHWATCHWATCHWATCH gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogog WATCH WATCHWATCHWATCHWACT gogogogog gogogog wwatch watch thgh ghsj adhfkjasdhfkjhsdf *foams at mouth* aalkjdflkahglwkjflkj flshjflk kjlfskglas kajflkahg alsjflkas fjalkfj alskjflaskjf laskjflska fjlakf jlaksjflkasj flkasjflkjasflkjas dflkjas dlfkj sadfkjsadlfkjaslf kjslad fjlas dfjlsa dflaskjd flasj flkjd slfkj sdalf ldsakj flask flas jdflas sadf
  • I love this show

    This show is about japnese people trying to do these wacky and hard obsicle corses. It is funny how the people talk without moving there mouth lol. One of my favorite challnege is the one were they have to brake through the walls and if you chose a wrong one you will fall in a mud pit. Another one of my favorite one is the one were they are on the bridge and they shoot cannon balls at them, and they have to make it across the bridge without falling. The host... man I forgot there names I think one of the guys name is Kenny Blankeinchip. Man I hope this show get back on spike.
  • 10/10 and check out the MXC fan site at MySpace:

    10/10 and check out the MXC fan site at MySpace: Copied: Every night I wait to see what events the contestants are going to participate in and recently I am glad to say that there is more variety as it was beginning to get stale ... well that isn't the right wording ... they were just doing the same events and with a show like that you can't have that as you need new and exciting stupid things happening to people. I do also like how the announcers pick on n tease Guy or Gee (as it sounds) .... has he gotten any yet ??? hahhahha I am looking forward to showing my son some of the episodes but I forget to tape them. I want him to see the horse racing ones as he likes the ponies and also I want him to see the ones with the boulders rolling down a hill at them. There are so many other events that are great. Has it been considered putting these on dvds ??? Also I think if Americans don't take themselves so seriously I think there is the potential for a show in the US where you could have Americans do this stuff (use college students for crying out loud) and then dub over what they say .....
  • Oh, those Japanse and their twisted humor!

    How can you go wrong with hosts who have pun names like "Captain Tenille" and a premise of simply watching people fall, crash into things and get covered in mud.

    And "The Most Painful Elimination of the Day" is replayed over and over. The other day, a woman jumped 10 feet off a giant rotating device, smashed her back into a platform and snapped her head back, smashing it, too, before falling into the water (there's always water or mud to fall into).

    Oh, those Japanese and their twisted humor!
  • A quirky game show-like entertainer.

    This show would be nothing without its colorful hosts, Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano. They are funny, especially Kenny, and bring humor into the pain shown when contestants fail. That said, some of the events are very subpar. They all have funny names, usually sexually suggestive names, and that is fine, but some of them offer no danger at all, and in a show like this, that is a huge letdown. On the other hand, some of the games are very exciting, and these games tend to appear more on the show than the uninteresting ones. All in all, it's a good show, but you could get sick of it quickly during, say, a marathon.
  • Awesome and hilarious!

    This show is one of my personal favorites of all time. It's in my favorite channel too, Spike TV. Even though it has like bunches and bunches of voice overs, it's still awesome.

    The challenges are look so fun, even though they are very (well prolly not) dangerous. I also love the end when they do like( I forgot what it's called) when they do like the top 10 that hurt the most. Yeah! Those are hilarious like hell!

    Those two I think Japanese guys are also funny. They just kill me when ever they talk about the people and the challenges!
  • Funny Game Show with Great VoiceOvers

    Haha ok Im gonna give you an equation. Here it goes, Crazy People+ Weird Stunts+ Pain+ The Funniest Voice Over Dubbing Ever= MXC. This crazy game show pits silly occupation teams competing against each other for the entertainment of others. As said before, the contestants go through unusual and painful stunts to win the competition. The hilarity is everything is dubbed over including the commentary of the hilarious hosts Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano, the "Captain", the field reporter Guy Ladouche, and the contestants getting interviewed. The dubbing is so well done it is like the person is actually saying it. Great Great Show.
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