MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Spike TV (ended 2007)





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  • I wonder what the Takeshi's Castle people think about it. Maybe they'd like it too.

    Most Extreme Elimination Challenge - or MXC for short - is practically a redubbed and reedited version of the late 80s/early 90s Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle. Of course, the speech is not at all what the original version used. 'Hosts' Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship guide us through several games on every show to determine which team - usually consisting of people in a similar trade - is better.

    There's a variety of fun games and ways to injure yourself on the show, but it's the writing quality that makes the show what it is. From Vic and Kenny's great banter to the humorous occupations and companies that the 'contestants' work in and for to Guy LeDouche's interest in women, it is real funny.

    So if you enjoy humor then check MXC out, but remember - it's more than the body count that makes the show.
  • Two teams face off to see who is better in a series of bizarre and painful matches.

    This show is great. The Japanese always seem to be reinventing themselves with every show and it gets funnier and funnier. The matches are so extreme and bizarre you need to watch them to believe them. The contestants seem to be impervious to pain because they always smiles. The only drawback is that the American version does not follow the original and everything you see are chopped up episodes of the original. And even thought the hosts are usually funny the dubbed script falls flat sometimes and the hosts become... well annoying.
  • Top marks go to all those involved in making this show happen. From great editing, awesome scripting, phenomenally funny lines, all the way up to the fantastic backdrop of the bone-crunching Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle!

    I didn't have very high expectations when I first saw this show on vacation at Disney World. But I was still awake, and I had a limited choice of channels in our motel room so I stuck with this and gave it a chance.

    I have never been so happy to be wrong. This show doesn't take long to grab onto your funny bone and throw you to the floor laughing. Who would have thought someone else's pain could bring you so much pleasure! And the character building put into the hosts was worked brilliantly, as well as that of Guy LeDouche and The Captain. Each of these personalities are played beautifully.

    The humor, albeit often rather graphic and sexual in nature, will always have you laughing out loud.

    Kudos to all involved for a brilliant and unique comedy unlike any other I've ever seen. It holds a special place in my heart and on my Digital Video Recorder!
  • I've always been a fan of Japanese physical-challenge themed game shows... but when you throw in with the addition of witty comedy recorded out of a Burbank Studios sound stage, you have pure genius.

    Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) is one of those shows that shouldn’t be as popular or as funny as it actually is. The fact that Kenny Blankenship and Vic Ramano pretend to be from the Jersey shore is crazy enough, but when you add on top of that the rapid-fire, innuendo laden commentary, you create a masterpiece. In fact, this is one of those shows that would be very difficult to copycat, really. Takeshi’s Castle (the original Japanese show) is so unusual in and of itself, to attempt to reproduce the awkward hilarity would be futile.

    In fact, they subsequently tried to recreate an ‘Americanized’ version starring extreme sports stars (like Tony Hawk), and it was absolutely preposterous. There was no heart, no soul. No costume wearing lunatic with a head full of booze, careening into a cesspool of filth like a bat out of hell.

    Yes sir – a guilty pleasure to say the least. But if you’re getting ready for bed and want to doze off with a smile on your face, MXC is your ticket. The only downside is that the variety of stunts and contests isn’t as rich as I would like. So, once you power through about 20 episodes, you’ll start seeing more and more of the same. Like most things, enjoy MXC in moderation!
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