MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Spike TV (ended 2007)





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  • Smart choise!

    I laughed at the show when it was on Spike. Now my whole family laughs at it on DVD. The special features are great too, which include - one episode of the original Japanese game show, and the Top 25 Most Painful Eliminations (from Season One). Another special feature is the original pilot which includes some games not seen on the TV episodes. I can't wait for more seasons to come out on DVD. It will be great to get together with a group of friends and all laugh together. Anyone who has not seen MXC will be amazed at their own reactions - a mixture of laughter and 'ohhhhhhhh's when they see the sometimes painful crashes during competitions. And how funny is it that during a rope tug'o'war some contestants end up pulling against a cow without knowing it?

    The commentary by Vic and Kenny overlaid on the original shows is just as funny as the competitions.