MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 3 Episode 15

Romance Industry vs. Firearm Industry

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Dec 16, 2004 on Spike TV
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Episode Summary

The people who make love take on the people who own firearms. Make sure to keep your guns cocked!

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Christopher Darga

Christopher Darga

Kenny Blankenship

Mary Scheer

Mary Scheer

All Female Voices

Victor Wilson

Victor Wilson

Vic Romano

John Cervenka

John Cervenka

Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal and Your Humble Announcer

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    • Kenny: And my most painful elimination of the day goes to: STD greeting-card writer Carlton Hallmark! Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry, you loser, you fell in the goo!

    • Vic: First up for the gun guys, it's Steve Zell.
      Steve Zell: Double-tap!
      Vic: He runs a firing range and cocktail bar called "Get Locked and Loaded."
      Kenny: Yeah, their motto is, "Take a shot, then take a shot."

    • Vic: And right there is Juan Don. He's a serial love letter writer, he claims to have written love letters to four thousand women, Ken.
      Kenny: Yeah, he must have a big Bic.
      Vic: Kenny!

    • (Guy LeDouche interviews Barney Babaganoosh after his failed Wall Buggers attempt)
      Guy LeDouche: No, no, don't do that to me on camera. Okay, show Guy how you would greet a gay gun owner.
      Barney Babaganoosh: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: And what would you say back to them?
      Barney: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: Okay, okay, now try it on me, Guy.
      Barney: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: (Laughs) That won't work on me! I'm not coming out of the gun closet that easily!

    • Greg Josephs: I have acne on my arms!

    • Wesson Smith: Serve it warm and stir it with your fist!

    • Margabelle Oakley: Spank my inner thigh!
      Vic: Next up, Margabelle Oakley. She's a shotgun wedding planner.
      Kenny: Yeah, she planned four of my grandma's weddings.
      Vic: Nana Blankenship was married out of wedlock?
      Kenny: No, I think it was in Reno.

    • Barney Babaganoosh: I love my sister like a man!

    • Kenny: (During Skidmarkers) Right now, Alex is going to draw "Norman Rockwell's Morning in the Bathroom".
      Vic: I'm not familiar with that, Ken.
      Kenny: (Chuckling) Yeah, it shows a boy, a dog, and a bird all taking a dump.

    • Vic: Here's George Foreman. He's the invented the flame-throwing rifle.
      Kenny: Yeah, you can kill 'em and roast 'em at the same time.

    • Vic: Here's Helen Keller Lasik. She's a blind dating expert.
      Kenny: You mean, she dates men she's never met before?
      Vic: No, Ken, actually she really IS blind.
      (Helen dangles on the rope for fifteen more seconds)
      Kenny: Her arms are taped to the rope!

    • Kenny: (During the replay of Martha King Jr.'s run) I'll show you what went wrong, Vic. (Draws circle around her arms) She let go of the rope.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Vic: Here's George Foreman, inventor of the flame-throwing rifle.
      George Foreman, as we all know is an ex-boxer, who makes George Foreman grills and rotessiries.