MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 3 Episode 15

Romance Industry vs. Firearm Industry

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Dec 16, 2004 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Kenny: And my most painful elimination of the day goes to: STD greeting-card writer Carlton Hallmark! Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry, you loser, you fell in the goo!

    • Vic: First up for the gun guys, it's Steve Zell.
      Steve Zell: Double-tap!
      Vic: He runs a firing range and cocktail bar called "Get Locked and Loaded."
      Kenny: Yeah, their motto is, "Take a shot, then take a shot."

    • Vic: And right there is Juan Don. He's a serial love letter writer, he claims to have written love letters to four thousand women, Ken.
      Kenny: Yeah, he must have a big Bic.
      Vic: Kenny!

    • (Guy LeDouche interviews Barney Babaganoosh after his failed Wall Buggers attempt)
      Guy LeDouche: No, no, don't do that to me on camera. Okay, show Guy how you would greet a gay gun owner.
      Barney Babaganoosh: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: And what would you say back to them?
      Barney: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: Okay, okay, now try it on me, Guy.
      Barney: Hello, how are you?
      Guy: (Laughs) That won't work on me! I'm not coming out of the gun closet that easily!

    • Greg Josephs: I have acne on my arms!

    • Wesson Smith: Serve it warm and stir it with your fist!

    • Margabelle Oakley: Spank my inner thigh!
      Vic: Next up, Margabelle Oakley. She's a shotgun wedding planner.
      Kenny: Yeah, she planned four of my grandma's weddings.
      Vic: Nana Blankenship was married out of wedlock?
      Kenny: No, I think it was in Reno.

    • Barney Babaganoosh: I love my sister like a man!

    • Kenny: (During Skidmarkers) Right now, Alex is going to draw "Norman Rockwell's Morning in the Bathroom".
      Vic: I'm not familiar with that, Ken.
      Kenny: (Chuckling) Yeah, it shows a boy, a dog, and a bird all taking a dump.

    • Vic: Here's George Foreman. He's the invented the flame-throwing rifle.
      Kenny: Yeah, you can kill 'em and roast 'em at the same time.

    • Vic: Here's Helen Keller Lasik. She's a blind dating expert.
      Kenny: You mean, she dates men she's never met before?
      Vic: No, Ken, actually she really IS blind.
      (Helen dangles on the rope for fifteen more seconds)
      Kenny: Her arms are taped to the rope!

    • Kenny: (During the replay of Martha King Jr.'s run) I'll show you what went wrong, Vic. (Draws circle around her arms) She let go of the rope.

  • Notes

    • This show was the highest-scoring MXC ever, with Love defeating Bullets, 24-23, aided by a 22-22 tie in "Great Holes of Glory."

    • Games include: "Great Holes of Glory," "Dope on a Rope," "Skidmarkers" and "Wall Buggers."

  • Allusions

    • Vic: Here's George Foreman, inventor of the flame-throwing rifle.
      George Foreman, as we all know is an ex-boxer, who makes George Foreman grills and rotessiries.

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