MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Season 2 Episode 13

The Winter Sports Special

Aired Saturday 8:40 PM Nov 03, 2003 on Spike TV
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The battle would be settled by the Aerospace workers and the Fast Food employees in MXC's Artic Edition.

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    Christopher Darga

    Christopher Darga

    Kenny Blankenship

    Mary Scheer

    Mary Scheer

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    Victor Wilson

    Victor Wilson

    Vic Romano

    John Cervenka

    John Cervenka

    Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal and Your Humble Announcer

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the game, Frigid Slope of Icy Death, the guy who fell down the hill and shouted "I like gum!" before going down the hill was named Homer Fife, but why in Kenny's painful eliminations, as the most painful elinination of the day, why was he known as Long John Glenn?

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Kenny: And my number one sub-zero painful elimination of the day goes to: Long John Glenn!
        (We actually see Homer Fife instead)
        Homer: Yaaah! I like gum!
        Kenny: This astronaut explores the final frontier - black holes. But I don't think he'll be doin' any more exploring after this run! He swallowed his gum, and his tongue! I don't know what he's so happy about. The dude's a space case.

      • Everyone: DON'T GET ELIMINATED!
        Kenny: Ass-tronaut. HA HA!

      • Homer Fife: (Before his run down The Frozen Slope of Icy Death) Yahhhh! I like gum!

      • Contestant: 5, 4, 6, 8, 2, 3... LAUNCH!

      • Captain Tenneal: Seriously... your man marbles are turning blue.

      • Vic:: He makes portable space potties.
        Kenny: So you can boldly go where no man's gone before.

      • Contestant: (To Captain Tenneal) As you can see I'm burning my own fat which will be converted to a powerful rocket fuel.
        Captain Tenneal: Why, that's ingenious! Have you pattented this idea yet?
        Contestant: No. Why do you ask?
        Captain Tenneal: Uh, no reason.

      • Yuri Gagayin: CHARGE!
        Vic: Here's Yuri Gagayin, he's a space station interior designer.
        Kenny: Yeah, he's got a new reality series called "Queer Eye for the Mir Guy."

      • Kenny: Great muff diving.
        Staff member: Oh look! They're changing.
        Vic: (Promptly hits him with his fan) Hey knock that off! That's discourtious and rude.
        Kenny: Ah, leave him alone, he doesn't even like girls.
        Vic: Really. Is that true?
        Staff member: I just like to see what they're wearing.
        Vic: Well I just like hitting you.(Hits him with his fan again) So there.

      • Pete Marley: (In a Jamacian accent) We be jammin'
        Vic: Here's Pete Marley, owner of the Tosh Nosh, a self-serve eatery in Knigston, Jamica.
        Kenny: Yeah, they're famous for their pulled pork, jerked beef and choked chicken.
        Vic: Nothing like some roughed-up entrees, eh, Ken?

      • Guy LeDouche: Guy here. Brrrr. This cold weather is chilling me to the bone and I think the temperature is rising. Let me check. Ohhhh.

      • (Ken points out that contestant Rosie O has a phone number on her underwear.)
        Vic: Right you are, Ken! Shameless product placement in the middle of a competition.

      • Colonel Finger: F you!
        Vic: And here's Colonel Finger, the surly owner of the chicken chain restaurant KFU.
        Kenny: The restaurant that gives you the bird.

      • Nancy Robinson: I still live at home!
        Vic: Next up, Nancy Robinson, she's the head sausage link cutter for Der Penerschnitzel.
        Ken: Yeah, she likes handling footlongs and smoking franks.
        Vic: Who doesn't, Ken?

      • Vic: Here's Craig Simmons, creator of Weightlessness Watchers.
        Kenny: Yeah, for fat astronauts.
        Vic: Right you are, Ken.
        Kenny: Ass-tronauts.
        Vic: Kenny?
        Kenny: Ass-tro-nauts...
        Vic: All right, Kenny...

      • Kenny: Man, my nards are frozen! Why can't they make warmer snow?
        Vic: That's something to ponder, Kenny.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Listen closely for the name of the second contestant in "Sno(w) Man's Land." The mission control freak's name is a reversal of the editor of's MXC pages real name.

      • Games include: "Sno Man's Land," "Frozen Wallbangers," "Sperm Wheelers," and "The Frigid Slope of Icy Death."

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