MXG Beach Countdown

ABC Family (ended 1999)


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MXG Beach Countdown

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MXG Beach Countdown is a top-ten countdown show of America's most popular music, broadcasted from Laguna Beach, California. Actress Melinda Sward and surfer Damione Macedon join beach bum Sean Gordon and American figure skater Tara Lipinski to host the show. The Countdown produces interviews with pop artists, live musical performances and some fun and games, while its host present music videos from the US Billboard's top ten on the California sand. Throughout the series, musical guests head to the beach to promote their albums, including artists Cher, Sugar Ray and Christina Aguilera. Sward and Macedon set up an air-conditioned tent on the sand and go one-on-one with each famous visitor who stops by. By mid-season, summer sport athletes appear on the show. Pro-surfer Kelly Slater takes Lipinski out in the ocean for some lessons on one episode. Beach volleyball champions, Jenny Johnson Jordan and Nicole Branagh, stop by to give Gordon some pointers on how to spike the ball. Live performances from Jennifer Lopez, Smash Mouth and Santana with Rob Thomas also play on the Beach Countdown.