My Babysitter's A Vampire: The Series

Disney Channel (ended 2012)





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  • Cool show

    Funny and cool show. I like it and so does my daughter. It might be a little scary (for kids) but overall it's a good show. It reminds me of charmed, one of my favorite shows growing up.
  • I didn`t really enjoy the show as much

    There is nothing really funny about this. All the jokes aren`t that great. The episode plots have been done befor or they`re done terribley. There is no main character that you want to win. There also is no sense of danger. The movie was 100 times better and had a sense of danger. But it just should have been a movie. Even saying that there is so much potenial here. Worst of all there are things that I like and I just wish they were on a better show there is a character Rory who is funny once in a while. Most of the time they give him the worst geek refrences though. Then there is another character who is also a vampire who is always trying her hardest on this story and is the only funny part Erica. As for that there is nothing else sadly.
  • This show isn't actually all that bad.

    The plot of this show is interesting. It's about a teenage boy and his little sister who have a babysitter that's a vampire, and all the supernatural things that go on in their lives. They handled the show well. It combined supernatural mystery with a bit of humor. It's good. Not much else to say.
  • I love it

    My friends and I love it so much!! Is there a season 3????? And I wonder what happened to everyone when season 2 was over??? And I love Vanesss a Morgan huge fan even when she was on the latest buzz when she was 15 to 18 with Munro Chambers and some other people from degrassi on the show I'm trying to give it a 10 but it keeps going on 9.5 don't know why but I GIVE IT A 10
  • my babysitters a vampire

    am going around telling ever one about want show i like from the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon

    because i like all those Halloween episode Big Time Rush farm and my babysitters a vampire

    and that Halloween episode i like vampire Ethan he was charming good look vampire and i don't been that to be gay Sarah and Ethan would of mad a great vampire couple i wish Ethan and Benny would both got turn into vampire and have them through a vampire party with all vampire at there house and having a good time and vampires do want ever they like to do want every its want they like to do and i hope there well be more season of my babysitters a vampire i hope that there well be six more season of my babysitters a vampire or hopefully more then that...
  • It's actually rather bad...

    I'm giving it a 6.5. I find it stupid that a 10-year-old girl rules all the vampires, and in all the episodes the plot is the same: there are mysterious things going around, the gang solves them and something uber weird happens at the end. The Vampire Diaries, even Twilight, is way better. I'm sorry, but this is just stupid.
  • Hard review

    I like alot of things actually in this show, but its just kinda strange. Its so difficult for me to describe what I think of it. I would definitely rate it higher if I could think how to review this, but for now I think I'll just give it a 7 to show I at least can say I like it. However I just want to mention, I don't think of this as a disney channel show since its so different., so by that I can't say its a good disney channel show, but It's at least a decent show.
  • Pretty good

    I could hardly believe my eyes when i saw this. For once, Disney channel sent a decent show, that isn't about singing and dancing (or both). OMG!

    The show is actually pretty good for it being made and send on Disney channel, cuz let's face it: Disney channel shows has gone down the drain lately (shake it up, austin and ally, hannah monatana *shudders*). I don't know what it is about this show, cuz the jokes aren't that funny, yet its kinda a show i won't mind watching, i rather enjoy it (unlike the other ones, who bring out this strange urge to gouge my eyeballs out while yelling "why, oh god, WHY?!"

    God this show is dumb I like everything on disney channel except this crap n BENNY is ugly and annoying!
  • Ah...

    OK so i think and hope tht Jessie and Sarah didn't die cuz tht would ruin the show.. and i hope there will be a season 3 cuz they left it on a cliff hanger... But im exited to watch the next episode and i cant w8! :)
  • Season 3

    There has to be a my babysitters a vampire season three we need to know what happened to jessie and sarah!!!!!
  • Its ok =)

    When i first saw the show i thought it was pretty good but now its getting kind of boring......well you know what i mean, im not really into it any more. Its kind of entertaining but theres alot of teenage vampire shows on alot of different channels so if i had to watch one I dont Think I would pick this. =) Thank you for reading my review! I give this show 7.5
  • the only good show

    the only good one
  • I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has no flaws. That's it
  • a good show on disney.


    a good show on Disney. I really like this show. the movie was beast i loved it. The first 2 episodes were awesome then it started to go downhill a little bit. But the movie was so beast i loved it and this show. This show isn't like Wizards of Waverly place. This show has violence like people dying. Overall an awesome eddition to disney

  • Cute show. Has some good clean fun to it.

    My kids and I really like this show. We watched the movie but luckily had watched the first 2 episodes before the movie was shown on repeat. I say luckily because the movie is alot more serious with deaths and people being hurt than the series is up to this point. Just saw some previews and hoping it doesn't try to get back to how it was in the movie. But for the most part if your looking for a good goofy show with some likeable characters, this one is on the money.