My Babysitter's A Vampire: The Series

Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome Back Dusker

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Jun 29, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Nice and decent

    Nice season 2 premiere. Of course, there were some things I thought about. I wrote a review last week before they put season 2 episodes up. Also, Matthew Knight's cute, Kate Todd and Vanessa Morgan are pretty, etc.
  • A little..hmm..

    I only really worry about the character of Sarah since the actress is all over random Disney shows starting to because too big for this little Canadian show (of course, I also worry that she is all over these Disney shows that this is the last season of the show). I find it curious how worried the show is about getting into the mythology too much (I don't think they have to worry considering the backstory of anime cartoons) and remember that Ethan as the Seer is supposed to be more important.
  • ethan

    does ethan ever become a vampire
  • Nice premiere for season 2.

    For me It was better than the finale of last season.

    Sometimes you expect cockiness to show up after a successful 1st season.

    But I didn't notice anything cocky, except maybe those 2 vampires searchin' for ethan. But then again, aren't all bad guys cocky?

    The thing I didn't like was the repeated threatening hisses or whatever.

    I mean once is enough, twice is alright, but twice in 2 seconds Is too much.

    I'm talking about when sarah scenses a vampire presence and turns around or whatever and shows her teeth and glaring eyes.

    Too much of that.

    But other than that It was great.

    That ending made me uneasy. Maybe I'm just tired. I thought It was a bit tense though.
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