My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Sunday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Apr 29, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • The REAL Roma (Gypsies) of America

    I need to vent about this show!!! I think the 1st thing the Gaja (non-gypsies) should know is that this is not the way ALL of us live!!! I have no idea where they found these people much less why they would think it would be entertaining. I speak for myself and my family when I say we are repulsed by the way THESE gypsies make us look. Did I mention that I am a Hungarian Gypsy Woman!!

    There are a few facts that we share in the culture and they are cleaning, cooking and raising our children. That's were it ends!!! We keep our homes very clean (like some gaja), we cook everyday (almost, we need a break too) and we, like everyone else in the world raise our children.

    I like many in my generation decided to marry outside of my own. My father married outside,as did my aunt and many others. Those that did marry inside the Roma (gypsies) are happy and EQUAL to thier spouses. If we as wives decide to go above and beyond what is expected of us, then that is our call and NOT manditory in our culture. Our marriages are not arranged (generation ago this was excepted). We marry who we fall in love with just like the gaji!!

    Our men do not take off for months at a time looking for work while we, the women sit at home and take care of EVERYTHING ELSE. Our women work too, our children attend school and we stress the importantance of an education to them. We do not pave drive-ways, or beg for work of any kind. I, myself worked, put myself through school and became an accountant. I worked my ass off and elevated my career to CFO of a company. I am damn proud of my accomplishments in this life. I have nothing left to prove to MYSELF in my career...I made it.

    I have never lived in a trailer!! I have owned my own home and paid my mortage. I have paid taxes and I have had jobs that required my prints to be on file in Washington D.C.. Not because of what I am but who I am and to recieve the same clearance that everyone else who worked there recieved. I was trusted with codes, money and peoples lives when needed.

    My family works, rents or owns thier homes, own thier own businesses, serve our country and live among you and you don't even know it. We keep to ourselves and are a close-nit sub-culture that you know nothing about unless we want you to. We do this mainly because of these shows that potrait us as nothing more than scum.

    We have our own language, our own flag (we are a sovereign nation), we have a seat in the United Nations. When we honor our tradtions, superstitions and or culture, it is in our homes and away from the gaja. It's not because we don't trust them or that we don't want them to's because we fear what others think of us. We have had the misfortune of being potraited as scam artists, thieves, whores and untrustworthy. We live with this everyday.

    I have no idea where they found these Neanderthals with southern accents and these "laws" that they live by but I find myself pissed off every Sunday night and sure to find myself in a discussion about it on Monday with family members. We are just like everyone else. You will find good and bad in every culture and we are no different. I just wish they would find the "real gypsies in America", but then again I seriously doubt that we would make for interesting television. Not to mention, I doubt that any real Roma would allow a camera crew into our homes to film us. We are private people and outraged at the way we are being potraited on these shows.