wasn't it possible the actors would be recognized

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    Let me start by saying I loved this reality show, And I don't care if Fox cancelled it or if anyone else chooses to badger or bad mouth it, but my question is pretty obvious (in subject line) coudent the actors be recognized didnt the producers think of that? I checked some of there back round and some where on quite famous things like yound and the resless before the airing of this show so they could of been spoted )obviously excluding the recent activities)

    So what do you guys think (if anyone even checks this forum since its really quite)

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    I doubt it, sorry. If that happened, the actor/actress would just say "nope, not me. I do get mistaken for _____ often *laugh*. This show was such a great premise, with their daughter telling an ultimate lie, that it honestly wouldn't cross anyone's mind that this could seriously be a prank show.
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