My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

FOX (ended 2004)


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My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

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The six episode program, whose high-level concept can probably best be described as "What If Joe Schmo Got Married?", features what FOX terms "the ultimate practical joke" being sprung on an unsuspecting would-be reality show contestant. The contestant, Randi Coy, a 23-year-old first grade teacher from Scottsdale, Arizona who believes she is participating in a reality show in which she and her fake fellow contestant "fiancé" must convince their families that they became engaged on another fake as-of-yet unbroadcast reality show. If they can convince everyone of the legitimacy of their engagement and make it through the engagement party, the wedding planner visits, the best friends and family introductions, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and actually the walk down the aisle without anyone discovering the truth, she wins $1,000,000. The catch is that unbeknownst to Randi, Steve (Steven W. Bailey),the other reality contestant who is pretending to be her fiancé, is actually a paid actor, as are all his friends and family. And the big fat obnoxious "Prince-not-so-Charming" and his fellow actors will test the limits of Randi's family and friends with their shocking behavior.moreless
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  • that show is so damn funny

    I loved that show! I never missed that show at all, that fat man is so funny!

    I fall on the floor and laughing my butt off when he have too much body hair and need to be take off! I enjoyed watch him scream like that!

    haha! Oh, my gosh! but, it was so funny when that woman's family couldn't stand watch her marry wrong man.

    Later on, her family forgave her and understands what she is trying to do.

    I wish there's second season for that and I understand that FOX refused to doing that..not ever again..which I have come to respect their decision.

    Well done, FOX!

  • Billed as a reality show, it more accurately shows as the longest-running episode of Candid Camera.

    I'll expose my biases early: It's the only reality show I ever watched.

    "Fiance" was a comic abusrdum about a couple posing as engaged, and a classic study on how many excuses a woman can muster up in defense of her husband. The first five episodes were truly hilarious, as Steve does everything possible to tempt Randi to break off the engagement, knowing full well she can't do that.

    Episode 6 had its funny moments. But it left me in a reality warp. Apart from several mathematical error Randi makes as she defends her role to her family, she grossly over-judges how far $500,000 will spread.

    I'd just feel better if I knew for sure that we were not duped into thinking the show was a reality series, and that Randi Coy was not simply a regular actress, playing a part in a role intended to deceive the audience.moreless
  • Hilarious reality show.

    One of the better reality shows highlighted by actor Steve Bailey's performance as Steven Williams, the fiancee from hell. They need to bring this show back and this time have the doofus fiancee be a female. Some hunk has the chance to win a million dollars if he can get his family to agree to attend his marriage to a nasty skank who is in reality an actress trying to drive him and everyone else crazy. It would certainly work better than My Big, Fat Obnoxious Boss did.

    Anyway, there were a lot of funny moments in Fiancee and everything worked out for the best in the case of practical joke victim Randi Coy. She and her family split the million dollars and even though she lost her job as a kindergarten teacher who really cares? She's got the money and she's a hot chick. Not a bad combination at all.moreless
  • Hilarious! the big guy getting his back waxed was the greatest!

    Hilarious! the big guy getting his back waxed was the greatest! They should have tried this one again-only with a rich guy pretending to marry a trailer trash woman or something silly like that. It was a good show to watch during a rough winter. Bettter than most reality shows.