My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

When we last saw Randi, she was just sitting down to dinner with her best friend and future maid of honor, Anna. Anna was shocked, but happy to hear that Randi was getting married. Anna's reaction after meeting Steve is similar- minus the happy part.

Randi knows that in order to convince Anna that she is in love with Steve, she has to keep up the facade no matter what Steve says or does. Over the course of dinner, eventually she loses her smiles and has to reprimand Steve for his bad table manners. Perhaps the tensest moment was when Steve asked Anna what if she thinks Randi's parents will like him. She says he's very "open" with a "big, happy, face." Does that mean yes?

In the post-dinner interviews Anna says she doesn't think Steven is "husband material" and that Randi is making a big mistake. Meanwhile, Randi says on one side she feels 'awful' but knows she just needs to get through it to get the money. However, she fears that she may never see the money because Steve will ruin it.

Randi decides to teach Steve yoga to help him relax. Of course he finds this the perfect opportunity to showcase more of his bodily function problems. All Randi can say is, "Holy crap!", pun intended.

The next tactic to make Steve more believable to her parents is to give him a makeover including a haircut (not a mullet which Steve asks for), back waxing, and some new clothes. Randi reaps some small amount of revenge on Steve during the waxing session. The pain, Steve admits is 95% real. Finally some payback. At the end of the day, Randi says he actually looks like somebody she might date.

When they return to the mansion, Claudia tells them it's time to call home and convince their families that they met somebody, they are in love, and that they need to join them at the estate. Steve's call with his family, of course, goes well. Randi's parents are a bit more reluctant. She assures her parents that they'll "adore" him. They are suspicious.

"I'm sure she'll choose someone that's very sharp," Randi's dad says. Randi's mom says that if she doesn't like the man Randi has chosen, her claws will come out and she will bring Randi home.

Steve, away from Randi, admits that he's going to regress back to meathead. He also counters Randi's list with a list of his own. These are traits she should adopt to look more like a girl HE would date. His list includes: be flirty, tell a dirty joke, and play with his hair. Randi is not on board.

Claudia brings news that Steve's family is staying at the estate until the wedding day. Randi's first impression: Steve's family is "cute." Her second impression: they are the complete opposite from her family.

Randi gets very upset when Steve announces -way ahead of schedule- that they are engaged. Somehow she keeps up the smiles, but away from his family Randi wonders, "Why give me a surprise in this?" Thinking, with one million dollars on-the-line Steve should have waited so they could play the con off correctly.

At dinnertime Steve's mom starts right in on Randi about breastfeeding, how many kids she wants and lets Randi know that she breastfed Steve until he was five. Randi is appalled, but she needs to save some repulsion for the meal: a tuna casserole, a watery, bread soufflé and cauliflower. Randi describes it as a "a big white, nightmare." When everyone at the table starts burping, they ask Randi to burp also. She reluctantly pushes one out amid applause and cheers.

As if it's not uncomfortable enough to be in your bathing suit with her future in-laws, who she just met, Steve's "sister," Kristina, decides to float in the hot tub pretending to be dead. That may be odd, but Randi doesn't realize the worst is yet to come. Mom and dad start talking about Kama Sutra books that she should borrow. Then Steve's dad decides to remove his swim trunks.

"It's like a freaky, bad dream," Randi says.
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