My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

"Today I have the worst task at hand..." Randi says, dreading the thought of having to tell her family that she's engaged.

Randi and Steve will be spending the day with the Coy family on a yacht. On the ride over, Randi reminds Steve to be cordial and polite. To freak her out, Steve decides he's going to freak out. He starts hyperventilating, crying and having a panic attack. Steve even makes the driver pull over so he can lie down in the street.

"It was one of my favorite moments" he said. "I think the panic attack went really, really well," Steve says. He also mentions he has a funny, little, twist for Randi...

Randi's starts crying when she sees her family because she hasn't seen them in months. First impressions from the family about Steve:

Melanie: This is not my sister's type.

Patrick: He's got quite a presence.

Dad: He's polite, he seems to be a down to earth type of guy.

Mom: I think Steve is such a nice man.

Steve's funny little twist is that he actually acts like a nice, smart, gentlemen - on Day One. He says he wants to keep it cool, and not go overboard because he doesn't want to "lose" them.

Randi, on the other hand, believes it was her "boot camp" that made Steve become somebody she would date. Steve admits that he wanted to make the Coy's feel at ease so he could lull them into a false sense of security. "I had them eating right out of my hand."

Steve even presents Randi's mom with a present - a beautiful vase. Later, Steve admits to Randi that he took the vase from a room in the house, but since it made a good impression on her mom Randi's all for it, "Re-gifting? That's great!" Randi says she'll do whatever it takes to win the game.

After a full day of good behavior Randi is stunned at how well things went. Steve capitalizes on her vulnerability and good spirits and tells her that it's her "love and support and caring" that made him behave better. Meanwhile, Steve tells the camera that tomorrow he's going to become Randi's worst nightmare.

Steve hits the ground at full stride the next day, "This morning was a great opportunity for me to counter what I was yesterday," he says. Grabbing a plate of doughnuts and walking around belching, he starts in on making the Coys feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways. As Randi gets dressed, Steve takes the opportunity to play some croquet with Randi's family. He's a loud, obnoxious, swearing, clumsy and generally offensive character. The Coys are horrified.

When Randi finally appears, Claudia comes out and explains that at brunch that day, they have to announce they are engaged and then at the engagement party, they have to announce that they are getting married in 3 days.

After the croquet-match-gone-bad, The Coys march up to brunch, fearing the worst. Steve starts freaking out again. Steve makes Randi look him in the eye and say that she loves him so he can pull himself together. Hoping to reincarnate the Steve she saw yesterday, Randi complies with his request.

At brunch Randi announces to her family and best friend, Anna, that she's engaged to Steve. The whole table is shocked and very serious. She thought her brothers and sister would be an "easy sell" but they are upset and angry. Randi's dad maintains some composure banking on the fact that they will have an engagement period - so things could change.

Mr. Coy is sure that the Williams' are feeling a similar way as they are: that their kids are rushing into things. He couldn't be any farther from the truth. Steve's family is out to make his family as uncomfortable as possible. Steve puts the plan in motion by letting Randi's dad know in private, that he and Randi are not having sex yet. Mr. Coy finds this an odd and uncomfortable conversation to have - let alone at a party and tries to remove himself as soon as possible from the conversation.

The evening goes from bad to worse: Steve's sister, Kristina, gets drunk, Steve's mom wants to start up the group burping again, Steve and his best friend, Jimmy, introduce everyone to "the moose" which is the result of Steve lifting up his shirt to expose his hairy chest and then putting his hands up to make moose ears. Once again, the Coys are horrified, but one of Steve's brothers admits that the demonstration actually, does look like a moose.

Randi and Steve are supposed to announce the engagement once the champagne is delivered. The room is deadly silent when Steve and Randi go near the fireplace for Steve to make his toast. He announces to everyone that they are in engaged and are getting married on national television in 3 days. Randi's brother Pat takes off, Randi's mom pleads, "No, Randi, don't!" and Randi herself is in tears.
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