My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

The day starts with a rainstorm. Randi's dad immediately thinks "bad omen" while Randi thinks of the old adage that rain on your wedding day is good luck. What about fake wedding days?

The whole Coy family feels emotionally exhausted, even Steve looks stressed - and he's in on it! To add to the tension, Claudia appears to remind Randi and Steve that there's no turning back. They need to exchange wedding vows, and every single member of their families must be at the wedding. If anyone objects when the minister asks or if someone doesn't show at the wedding, they don't get a dime.

With the reality of the wedding sinking in, Randi's sister Melanie really starts to feel sad and left out. She considers not showing up at the wedding at all and Mr. and Mrs. Coy let Randi know this, but Randi gets out of talking with her. Randi doesn't want to have a "heart to heart" talk with her sister Melanie because she knows Melanie will see right through her. However, not talking with Melanie, threatens the possibility that she'll even show up at the wedding.

Melanie says that she's usually on Randi's side, but this time she "just can't do it."

As a sidebar, Randi's brothers are also upset that they have to wear kilts as part of the family tradition. Strangely, Mr. Coy is not wearing a kilt.

Randi admits that had this been her real wedding she would have called it off if her family objected so much to it, "I just hope they don't hate me in the end," she says.

Randi looks on from above with her dad as her family and friends file in to their seats. Steve escorts Mrs. Coy down the aisle and all the Coy family is accounted for except Randi's younger sister and brother. After what seems like an eternity, they do appear, but Melanie and Bobby look visibly upset.

Mrs. Coy's despair is heightened when she overhears some of the guests saying, "I can't believe she's doing this!" and "Is HE really the groom?"

Somehow Randi escapes any objections when the minister asks, "If anyone objects, please speak now or forever hold your peace," despite the fact that the ceremony was paused for an uncomfortable amount of time, no doubt for dramatic effect. Also, she confidently gets through her vows. In her mind, she's probably thinking she's in the clear, but she forgot one thing... The Steve Factor.

When it's his turn to say his vows, he chokes. He can't do it. And then horror upon horror, he blurts out that the wedding was a sham. After that announcement it's pure pandemonium that not even Steven can control.

Randi's mom storms out, Patrick, Bobby and Melanie are up. Anna is stunned and crying. Mr. Coy, holds steady in his seat saying, "I didn't want to leave Randi behind."

"I just ruined my family," Randy says.

In a short period of time Randi's mom has managed to change out of her wedding clothes and is getting ready to pack it up and leave, but the producers track her down. They convince her to come back down to the "wedding" for one more announcement.

"I can endure this for five more minutes," Mrs. Coy says.

Randi tries to explain that she took part in this charade to help her and Steve's families. If she and Steve got married they would each get $250,000 and each of their families would too. She told each family member how the money could help him or her with college, travel plans and a chance to move out. Randi's dad, however, is not impressed with this motive.

"This isn't a good explanation at all," he said.

To that Randi says, "I was embarrassed. I was sad. I was done."

But wait there's more. Randi thinks that Steve just collapsed under the pressure of the marriage, she still doesn't know that he was in on it all along. Steve explains to Randi and to everyone at the ceremony that he's an actor, he doesn't work at an internet company, he isn't even clumsy. Also, his family is made up of actors, Jim despite being a "heck of nice guy" is not his best friend but an actor as well. They are all part of a show. Randi is furious.

Steve explains that the show was originally set up more to be a "beauty tames beast" scenario, but with the introduction of the Coys, the story shifted its focus. The story became more about the close knit nature of a family who would stand by somebody even though they thought they were making the biggest mistake of their life.

Steve continues to say that while his family was fake, her family was the 'genuine article.' To Randi 'his friend' he presents a check for $500,000 and the Coy's will also be getting a check for $500,000.

To help explain what had been happening over the past few weeks the crowd gets to see a video of the whole thing from Randi's first day at the mansion, to "Randi Boot Camp," to wedding day. There is some laughter and with that some hope that Randi will be forgiven.

The subtitles at the end of the show tell us that Randi was indeed forgiven and that the family is planning a vacation to Ireland to celebrate Mr. Coy's 50th birthday.
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