My Big Fat Revenge

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Oxygen Premiered Sep 03, 2013 In Season


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  • Season 1
    • 10/29/13
      Vanessa's co-worker criticized her weight to get ahead. Feeling newly empowered, Vanessa will show she's a force to be reckoned with. Jamie's cyber bully harassed her online. Now confident to say what she's always wanted. She will get revenge with the help of rapper Too Short.
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    • Paula and Niasia
      Episode 6
      Paula's business partner claimed they were losing business because she was fat. Now she's secure in her body and ready to get revenge. Growing up, Niasia's father told her she was too big, but after losing the weight, she's ready to confront him.
    • 10/1/13
      Meghan's best friend John led her on for years. Brooke's music producer refused to work with her because of her weight.
    • 9/24/13
      Hillary’s ex refused to marry her until a ring he gifted could fit her finger. Pardis’ boyfriend harasses her about her weight and she demands an apology.
    • Bo and Veata
      Episode 3
      A fellow comedian told Bo she was too fat. Veata’s dance coach made her feel terrible about her weight.
    • 9/10/13
      Melissa's ex-boyfriend told her she was too overweight to date. Newly empowered, Melissa will finally confront him. Alana's best friend humiliated her by calling her fat. Confident and healthy, she will humiliate him back and get the last laugh.
    • 9/3/13
      The premiere episode features Jennifer, who met Hiren on a plus-size online dating website. At first Jennifer thought she was living her fairy-tale romance with a man who accepted her, but Hiren soon started suggesting she lose weight, dye her hair blonde and change other physical characteristics. After never introducing her to his friends or family, he finally told her they could never truly be together because she was fat. The second story follows Tamar, whose mother tormented her about her weight her entire life. Over the years, Tamar has tried to confront her stubborn mother, but the conversations always turned into arguments. Tamar hopes her mother will finally listen as she tries to show her how painful it was to grow up with someone who constantly taunted and teased her.moreless