My Big Fat Revenge

Season 1 Episode 6

Paula and Niasia

Full Episode: Paula and Niasia


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Paula's business partner claimed they were losing business because she was fat. Now she's secure in her body and ready to get revenge. Growing up, Niasia's father told her she was too big, but after losing the weight, she's ready to confront him.
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Oct 17, 2013
My daughter is so depressed about her weight. I think she is beautiful, but not everyone is of the same opinion. It is hard for her to make friends or get dates, she is so upset she is strongly considering surgery, which scares me. She has tried dieting and exercise, but it is just not working well. Then she gets frustrated, and eats to bury her emotions. My baby girl is hurting from the backlash of cruelity and her self-esteem is dwindling fast. We need an intervention. her What can we do to get her on this show. It could make a dramatic change and needs to get healthy, then get revenge on all those mean fat haters!