My Boys

Season 1 Episode 21

110 Percent Solution

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on TBS
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110 Percent Solution
The guys try to best each other by comparing their pain limits. Evan plays poker with the group. Meanwhile Andy buys a boat and doesn't tell Meredith.

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  • Watching baseball Mike says a player is a wuss when hit by a baseball. He thinks he could take it. Andy ups and buys a boat in an early mid-life crisis. PJ invites Evan on a first date to play poker with the guys. Really!?!moreless

    Sometimes you have to think PJ is just driving them away on purpose. It happened with Hank and now with Evan. She feels she has to meld her friends lives with her romantic life. I don't necessarily disagree but I am not sure I would go about it the way she does. Of course the date with Evan is a disaster and now everyone including PJ thinks he's avoiding her.

    Andy shows up at Poker announcing he bought a boat. A 31 foot long cabin cruiser called the Metaphor. Get it? Anyways the gang all comes to see the boat and they find out Andy bought a 70,000 dollar boat and didn't tell Meredith! PJ tells Andy he has to tell Meredith. When he does, surprise, surprise, they have a big fight. In the end it brings things full circle when Andy sells the boat, Meredith admits she hates the suburbs, they move back into the city, and Andy quits his job at the Public Defender's office and gets a job at a corporate law firm.

    The boys all go to a batting cage at the end and allow themselves to get hit with baseballs at faster and faster speeds till Mike is knocked out by an 85 mph fast ball.

    Fun episode where everyone gets to act goofy. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Evan plays poker

    Well, Evan wasn't a real hit with the guys. He felt like the fifth wheel so where does that leave PJ. At least she's good at giving Andy advice. He's a lot happier moving back to the city, not so sure about him being a 'shark' in a big law firm. I thought the analysis of PJ's behaviour with boyfriends was very clever. She tests them by bringing them to poker night and introducing them to the guys. At least Bobby told it to her, that doing that is scary for the boyfriends and difficult to live down

    The scene in the batting cage was hilarious!!moreless

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    • (Andy enters the bar with a smile, where everyone else is)
      P.J.: Hey happy.
      (Andy is still smiling)
      Kenny: Ok, either he won the lottey, or he's about to tell us that the McRib just came back.
      Andy: I bought a boat.
      All: What?
      P.J.: You bought a boat? Like a boat, boat?
      Andy: I bought a boat and this awesome book on knot-tying.
      P.J.: Wait, where did you buy it?
      Andy: I got it on Craig's List. 1969 31 foot diesel fueled Criss craft commander that cruises at eight knots and man, she sure is yar.
      Mike: Halfway through that sentence, I knew he was going to say yar.

    • P.J.: Oh hey guys, we're going to have a special guest at poker tomorrow night. Evan's going to play.
      Mike: Who's Evan?
      P.J.: He's the guy I met at Andy's barbeque. (Silence) Anyway, he's a good poker player.
      Brendan: You met a guy at the barbeque?
      P.J.: Yeah dude, I told you about him on the ride home.
      Brendan: You did?
      Mike: What's he do?
      P.J.: He's a botanist.
      Kenny: Boy, you'd think we would have remembered botanist.

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