My Boys

Season 1 Episode 13

Baseball Myths

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 28, 2006 on TBS
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Baseball Myths
The gang takes Andy on a birthday outing to Wrigley Field.

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  • Everyone meets Meredith and she turns out to be great. She plans a surprise party for Andy at Crowley's and she asks PJ to keep Andy busy until the party. We find out that PJ and Branden made out in college and Branden blew her off. PJ/Branden Kiss.moreless

    PJ and the boys take Andy to Wrigley field for his birthday and they get to play on the field. Andy hits a ball out of the stadium to left field. It was very cool overall.

    Jeannie Noth as Meredith is really great. Her character had all been a myth Andy had made up because he didn't want everyone to know he was sort of a wimp. He wanted to go home early tho see his child and be with Meredith. The party at Crowley's was great and the t-shirts with Andy's pictures were a stroke of genius.

    Everyone finds out that Branden and PJ made out once in college. The next day Brandon sort of blows PJ off but he denies it in front of everyone. In the end he tells the truth to PJ. PJ is in the kitchen and Branden comes in and he and PJ have a very passionate kiss.

    This was the first half season finale. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Andy's birthday

    What an absolutely evil cliffhanger!!

    The theme of the episode is myths. Not all true as it turns out. When Mereditch approaches PJ to arrange a surprise birthday party for Andy, it turns out that she is not at all like Andy always portrays her. She is actually very nice and generous and kind, totally unlike the demanding, bossy hag that Andy makes her out to be. THat was a very nice surprise actually, I liked that Andy was really happily married.

    Then there's the other storyline, about past relationships and how apparently Brendan and PJ once made out. They're the best of friends, so that was slightly odd. Not as odd and surprising as the fact that Brendan really liked her back then and, judging by the kiss, may still do...moreless
  • PJ and Brando kissed!!! Good for them!! They are georgous together...

    Meredith wants to surprise Andy with a surprise birthday party. She sets it up and everyone is surpirsed when she really isn't that bad of a person. Andy admits that he doesn't like to admit to the guys that he sometimes gets tired at 930 and so he used Meredith as an excuse. PJ and the guys get into a discussion about making out and PJ and Brando confess that they made out in college and then afterwards he blew her off. He denies that he ever blew her off but infact he did because he was scared to admit that he really did like her back then or maybe they were to good of friends and he didn't want to jeopardize that. She understood completely what he said. They say goodnight and Brando goes into his room and PJ walks into the kitchen. Brando comes back and kisses her. They end it with them looking into eachothers eyes. End of episode.moreless

    For some reason, this is not my favorte episodeof my boys. Why did PJ and Brendan have to kiss?!? I knew this would happen. Hopefully this does not ruin their friendship b/c I liked it when she dated someone outside of the circle. Even when PJ and Bobby tried the dating thing it was a little awkward and they barely knew each other. Now imagine knowing someone since college and hookin' up. I'm am so dissapointed with that whole storyline but I still love the show :0) On a different note, I thought it was funny that Andy had been stretching the truth A LOT about his wife. I thought she was gonna be this frigid horrible person and actually she awesome!!! This show knows how to stay funny and throw in some great curve balls ;0)moreless
  • In this episode, PJ looks into myths reflected in their lives. One of them include the legendary Meridith that we finally get to meet - who is actually really nice. Then of course, the friendship that might be cut out for more.moreless

    I still cannot believe this happened. Finales are suppose to make you wish the series continued - keep you going till the series continues later on. This episode definitely accomplished that but the last five minutes was definitely shocking. One of the best new shows this year. I feel teased that they show such a scene RIGHT at the very last second of the episode. When is this coming back? I can\'t wait.

    I really wanted to see PJ with Bobby together - just to see how this relationship with such an interesting dynamic and role reversal. But now that they showed PJ with Brendon. For those also watcher of Veronica Mars - this illustrated a similar conceptual feeling, where you see two characters with such good chemistry and for a moment you\'d never think that they\'d end up together but when they do - it makes you wonder why they were never together in the first place. Also how you could have missed it and it\'s structured in such a way that you believe they are practically meant to be.

    PJ and Brendon\'s relationship if that kiss is to progress further will challenge and reflect what we experience or even wonder about - whether someone who is your best friend is really dating material. Is that line meant to be crossed? And if it doesn\'t work out, which of course, I certainly hope that it won\'t be the case; how would it change their friendship?moreless

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