My Boys

Season 4 Episode 4

Be a Man!

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2010 on TBS

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    Nothing really that special about this episode but it still managed to be an entertaining 22 minutes. Bobby wanting to eel like a man so he tries to fix the pipe below the sink and doesn't let anyone help him. Brendan sating someone that's way too young for him resulting him getting tired out completely. Stephanie trying to get ideas for her new book was definitely the weak spot of this episode. Mike & Kenny trying to complete 100 things men should be able to do was probably the highlight of this whole episode. I don't know yet if I'm liking PJ & Bobby together, it doesn't really feel like they're together at all really. I just feel like Bobby is renting a room. A good entertaining episode.
  • Be a Man!

    The first three episodes of My Boys' fourth season have been good, but this was not up to par for what I expect from this show. The premise seemed fine (the guys all try to act more manly) but it was just not executed in the correct way. They did not show enough of Mike and Kenny's zany gigs and they definitely ruined Bobby, who was already bad enough, by having him act all goofy here.

    This was the first time I also really missed having Andy though. The show really could have used Jim Gaffigan's sarcastic presence here.

    Sorry, but this was a mediocre episode.
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